Hey JOE: Newly-Released Obama Docs Point To Burisma Bribery Issue… Care To Comment?

Written by Wes Walker on October 4, 2020

Looks like Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, and Schumer owe Trump an apology over that impeachment attempt. Evidence is mounting that Hunter really WAS neck-deep into a corrupt operation.

The State Department wasn’t giving up this information willingly, but they were eventually forced by a judicial order to cough up some very incriminating documents. Documents showing that the folks testifying against Trump knew a helluva lot more than they let on.

John Solomon and Just the News worked with a legal team to force the release of documents they were hoping would never see the light of day.

He covers it in some detail in this podcast, and the source documents can be found in Solomon’s coverage of it.

Remember when we learned that a Ukraine ambassador and her staff were using government resources to keep tabs on Americans who were getting too close to the Burisma story? (See: ENEMIES LIST: Ukraine, Biden, Burisma, And SPYING On US Persons Are All Back In The News)

Do you think maybe they were concerned about damning information coming to light?

Information like this?

First, we heard about Burisma getting a bribe to Ukraine through dumping seriously underpriced natural gas, letting it be resold for millions in profit at fair market prices.

As bad as Joe’s mental lapses are — and they’re bad — the lapses in judgment are even worse.

The scheme was confirmed by U.S. officials before Yovanovitch alerted the top State official for Ukraine and Russia policy in Washington at the time, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the memos show.

“There are accusations that Burisma allegedly had a subsidiary dump natural gas as a way to pay bribes,” Yovanovitch wrote Nuland on Dec. 29, 2016, noting the story “mentions that Hunter Biden and former Polish President Kwasniewski are on the Burisma Board.” — JustTheNews

Sure sounds like Ambassador Yoanovitch knew about a possible conflict of interest, doesn’t it?

The alert was the second in two years in which the embassy alleged Burisma had paid a bribe while Vice President Joe Biden’s son served on its board.

Back in February 2015, then-embassy official George Kent reported to the U.S. Justice Department evidence that Burisma had made a $7 million cash bribe to Ukrainian prosecutors before those prosecutors killed a separate corruption probe in the United Kingdom by failing to produce required evidence.

The second alleged bribe in December 2016 was brought to the attention of Yovanovitch and Kent, then a top aide to the ambassador, shortly after the Christmas holiday when a story appeared in the Ukrainian press.

…”The dumping part is true,” the embassy’s deputy economic counselor wrote Yovanovitch a few hours after the story surfaced and before Nuland was alerted.– JustTheNews

There were reports of a suitcase changing hands in a dinner in Vienna.

Remember Mr. Bowtie in the Shampeachment hearings?

He wrote an email:

Inside the embassy, U.S. officials who had worked alongside Vice President Biden for years were resigned to the closure of the case and frustrated that a company tied to Hunter Biden had undercut U.S. efforts to fight endemic corruption in Ukraine

“The Burisma tale of getting a court to shut down a PGO investigation noted below would amount to nearly the same mechanism — rich connected businessman politician seeks to use the court/judge of unknown reputation to close an investigation of a business with a dodgy reputation,” Kent wrote Yovanovitch on Jan. 13, 2017, one week before Trump took office. — JustTheNews

This was unfolding in the months AFTER Trump had been elected… while Trump was being investigated for — irony noted — foreign collusion.

Right up to Obama’s last day in office, the U.S. embassy officials continued to follow and remark on Burisma’s escape from prosecution.

For more than a year, the Bidens, congressional Democrats and their allies in the American media have sought to portray the story of Hunter Biden’s work for Burisma as a Russian-inspired conspiracy theory that had been discredited.

But the Obama-Biden era documents gathered by this news organization over more than a year under FOIA clearly show State officials believed the Bidens’ behavior created the appearance of a conflict of interest because Joe Biden continued to preside over anti-corruption policy in Ukraine while his son worked for a company under investigation for corruption.– JustTheNews

Let’s circle back to the whole reason Trump faced impeachment hearings, shall we?

Trump had questions about Joe Biden bragging about using a billion-dollar gift as leverage to fire the very prosecutor who had been digging into claims that the company his son worked for was actually corrupt… and he wanted to know whether anything improper had happened in the exchange there.

Is it more likely that a quid pro quo happens in a phone call that everyone heard? Or in a backroom deal in a company known for corruption?

It would also be really interesting to know whether any of the witnesses arrayed against Trump during Impeachment ever embellished, obfuscated, or otherwise lied under oath.