Hey Joe: There’s A Multi-Million Dollar Discrepancy In Your Financial Disclosures … Care To Explain?

Written by Wes Walker on October 26, 2020

Investigative reporters compared the financial disclosures that Joe produced, and his tax records and found issues that a tax professional described as ‘suspicious’.

The good people at John Solomon Reports went looking into the public financials.

A comparison between his income and his assets shows a significant discrepancy in his funds, which even raised red flags in the professional accountant who reviewed these records.

He goes into much greater detail about why this seems sketchy in the “John Solomon Reports” podcast.

The money Biden is accused of cashing in on — and the questions of whether he is a compromised (read: Manchurian) candidate — make any such discrepancies more noteworthy.

This revelation is directly from digging into documents.

Not appearing in these disclosures are any of the dollars that the CEO of Hunter’s company named Joe Biden as the ‘Big Guy’ marked to receive them.