Jesus Called This Man Great But Today’s Sassy Church Would Ban Him

Written by Doug Giles on October 9, 2020

How do we know if the way we measure greatness in our Christian leaders might be a bubble off level? Let’s compare our A-listers with the examples Jesus held up as top-shelf examples of greatness.

What do we look for in ‘great’ leadership?

Let’s see…

Does such a leader need a big TV ministry? Degree from the right seminary? Run a megachurch?

Will he or she need to be a best-selling author? Lead music with an angelic voice?

Have a wardrobe that would rival the best of Paris or Milan?

None of this moved the needle in Jesus ‘greatness’ leader. In fact, he picked out a wild guy who — literally — had no place in polite society, or even society at all as the greatest person who had walked the planet until He showed up on the scene.

Surprised? Don’t be.

What Israel had gotten wrong for, oh, almost a couple of thousand years by that point, was their own bad habit of looking at the situation through mortal eyes rather than checking out God’s perspective.

They wanted a Saul when they needed a David.

The guy Jesus held up as an example did NOT have the right look, the right table manners, the right haircut, or come from the right neighborhood.

But what he did bring to the table — a message that went to war with the comfortable and cushy life his generation was so addicted to and brought them — trembling — face to face with a holy God.

He did more than just rock the boat, leadership in both secular and religious circles wanted him dead… but if anything that just made him bolder.

Which makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

If Jesus admires that kind of trait so much — why is it so rare among religious leaders today?

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