Megyn Kelly Takes Gavin Newsom To The Woodshed Over Imperious Thanksgiving Rules

Written by Wes Walker on October 26, 2020

Of ALL the times to put his Monarchical tendencies on display, Newsom picks the one holiday associated with people seeking a fresh start where they can live in freedom?

And he does it just before an election?

How exactly does he THINK this is going to go over — even in a place like California?

Last we checked, California may be drifting heavily to the Left, but they are STILL American, right?

You’d think there’s still some anti-monarchist streak down in their bones that would cry out against any politician micromanaging their lives including who can sit down at the dinner table with them.

We’re about to find out. In fact, some people are even asking if Gavin is trying to hand California to Trump — even though they don’t exactly sound pleased with the prospect.

Even Megyn Kelly — who was famously feuding with Trump last election cycle — has joined the chorus of voices critical of Newsom’s more Imperial tendencies.

Exactly WHAT legislative authority is he drawing all of these repressive laws from?

Even if he HAD such authority, how is eating dinner with family worse than, say, marching at a political event or cheering, for example, a Lakers championship?

Do we really think Californians are going to give a flying f**k what Newsom says about sitting down with family?

If life is as short and as fragile as Democrats hype it up to be, why would we NOT want to take every possible opportunity to come together?

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