News Breaks That Activist Rapper Gave Input For Trump’s ‘Platinum’ Platform — CNN Can’t Stand It

Written by Wes Walker on October 17, 2020

Trump derangement syndrome is a real problem at CNN… they’ll welcome actual white supremacist Richard Spencer on their show because he hates Trump, but flame this rapper for simply meeting with his administration.

To properly understand why Cuomo would lose his $#^! over this rapper working with Trump, we need to back up and give context.

People are complicated. It is entirely possible to be a wretched person with a good idea. In fact, it happens pretty regularly.

It may have happened again when Ice Cube reached out to both political campaigns with an idea of how to make life better for Black Americans and wanted a chance to pitch it.

Democrats blew him off until after the election but Trump’s team took an interest in what he had to say.

That meeting was part of what became Trump’s Contract With Black America. More about that policy promise here: Trump Unveils Half-Trillion-Dollar Platinum Plan As A ‘Contract With Black Americans’

Late last month, the iconic rapper quietly slipped into Washington, D.C., for a three-hour meeting near the White House with Kushner and other senior advisers to Trump. After a summer of racial unrest, Ice Cube was promoting a “Contract with Black America” to help lift African Americans economically. He wanted the administration’s ear.

…White House aides went back and forth with Ice Cube over his 13-point blueprint — parts of which they agreed with, others they did not. But a few weeks later, when Trump released his own proposal to boost African Americans, it included Ice Cube’s biggest ask: a $500 billion capital infusion into the Black community.

After the Trump campaign revealed Wednesday that Ice Cube had helped shape the president’s plan, an array of Black commentators responded with fury. Touré said the artist was “being used”; Roxane Gay asked: “How … does the guy from NWA become MAGA?” —Politico

Ice Cube, for his part, is more interested in seeing his policy agenda take shape in the real world. As he said in his own words, he’s not on the red team OR the blue team. He just wants results.

Why did we open this by mentioning how people can be ‘wretched’? Because Ice Cube made some pretty disgusting statements about Jewish people not that long ago (Referenced in this piece we ran about Charles Barkley shooting him and others down.) We at Clash can’t speak with any authority about what kind of a person he really is beyond these superficial details, because we really don’t know that much about him.

It is worth noting that his recent history of controversial statements and defense of Louis Farrakhan makes that (successful!) meeting with Jared Kushner all the more interesting.

Flash Forward To Last Night’s CNN Interview

Cuomo the Lesser was scheduled to interview Ice Cube on Thursday night, and then canceled according to this tweet by Ice Cube:

The following night, after an introduction that Ice Cube immediately objected to as ‘misleading’. Fredo explained that he had Ice Cube on his show to talk about why he was (in Cuomo’s words) ‘working with Trump’. That was a mistake. By the end of it, even Cuomo recognized that he had misread the situation.

You can almost see the relief on Cuomo’s face when he learned this wasn’t an endorsement of Trump. It was after that point was made that Fredo said he wasn’t here to fight but to understand him. Looking that the OrangeManBad emphasis on the lead-in, it’s pretty obvious that Fredo was ready to pounce if he said the slightest positive thing about the President.

It’s mildly surprising that the Democrat flunkie didn’t push back against Democrat failures or the need for Blacks NOT to walk lockstep with any one party, but it’s likely explained away as fear of saying something stupid to a black man who was ready to eat him for lunch if he accidentally stepped over any racial line.

In that interview, Chris had the look of a man who was walking across a minefield while wearing skis.

Don Lemon, predictably, threw shade at Ice Cube in the hand-off between shows.

To which he replied:

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