Paul Joseph Watson Exposes The Moral ‘Lowground’ Of TDS Sufferers Celebrating Trump Contracting COVID

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2020

What kind of deranged ‘Westboro Baptist church mentality’ motivates someone to protest outside a hospital against someone who’s sick?’

Well put, Paul.

The answer to that question will, of course, be self-evident. It’s the mentality of the rabid, scream-at-the-sky, unhinged Trump-hating left.

You remember, they are the ones who used to spout the slogan ‘love trumps hate’. What they really meant was something else entirely…they ‘love hating Trump’.

Rachael Maddow, to her credit, really DID take the high road. But the leftist responding to her is somewhere below sea level.

He’s a ‘serious person’:

Mark Sarvas, an instructor of Novel Writing at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Extension Writers Program, tweeted he “hopes” President Trump “dies alone.” – NationalPulse

And the hate-fest is still going strong.

The White House Correspondent for POLITICO saw Trump’s string of tweets and decided to pretend she was a doctor, saying, ‘Looks like the Dexamethasone hit’.


And Jennifer Rubin is a whole other category of ‘pitching a fit’.