Philly Erupts Into Violence Hours After Police Shoot Armed Man Dead … Truck Runs Over Cop

Written by Wes Walker on October 27, 2020

The triggering event and the consequence that followed are separate stories. For information on the event that triggered last night’s unrest in Philly, you can read Clashdaily’s coverage of that story here.

But dozens of protesters then gathered at Malcolm X Park at 51st and Pine Streets, chanting “Black Lives Matter.” They marched to the police station at 55th and Pine Streets as they chanted, “Say his name: Walter Wallace.”

For hours, protesters confronted officers who stood in a line with riot shields behind metal barricades at the station. People in the crowd could be seen throwing objects at the officers. A group also marched into University City, at least one TV news vehicle was vandalized, and police reported that windows had been broken on Chestnut Street.

Between 100 and 200 people then moved to the 52nd Street commercial district and caused considerable property damage from Market to Spruce Streets. Shortly before 1 a.m., a speeding black truck ran over an officer at 52nd and Walnut Street. The incident was captured on an Instagram livestream. The condition of the officer was not immediately known. — Inquirer

At least 30 cops were hurt in the rioting.

Angry crowds took to the streets in West Philadelphia overnight after police shot and killed a man armed with a knife Monday, with some in the crowds throwing rocks and bricks at police and some looting or vandalizing businesses.

At least 30 police officers were hurt, police said. One was hospitalized, a 56-year-old sergeant who was struck by a pickup truck at 52nd and Walnut streets early Tuesday. Her leg was broken, among other injuries, police said. –NBCPhiladelphia

This wouldn’t be the first wry mention of the City of Brotherly Love failing to live up to its name.

You can hear the giggling and glee of whoever is holding the camera when a group of police fall back when attacked by a crowd of violent agitators chucking objects at the police.

One commenter on this post asked if it would be a ‘super-spreader event’ like CNN tried to portray ACB’s swearing-in.

Wonder if Kamala will help raise bail money for this crowd, too?

The usual race hustlers openly condoning violence…

Was this tweet by Crump responsible in any way for inciting the mobs? It was

One week from now, two different visions of the American response to lawlessness are on the ballot.

One emasculates the police response. The other treats riots, looting, and violent uprisings as a serious threat to lives and livelihoods.

Choose wisely.