REP. NUNES: ‘We Want Every Damn Bit Of Evidence’ Related To Trump-Russia Investigation

Written by Wes Walker on October 5, 2020

They’re tired of getting the run-around. Republicans want ALL the damned evidence they are entitled to review.

We’re getting to see another of these wretched dirty ‘top cops’ — Andy McCabe — crying COVID to get away from facing the music on what the whole world now knows they’ve been doing.

Devin and Maria got talking about the topic of the ‘James Comey election’.

This is the crew that launched a counter-intelligence investigation into a presidential campaign.

Are we going back to an administration that is still pushing the Russian collusion theories with lines like ‘Putin’s puppy’? Theories that were spun by Hillary’s team as a way of deflecting from her emails?

Why Biden get to dodge a question about Hunter getting a $3.5 Million dollar check from a Russian oligarch connected to … you guessed it … Vladimir Putin?

The Democrats and the Media have coordinated a conspiracy of silence and rumor to smear one party in a way to protect the other from scrutiny.

We keep seeing information ‘for the first time’ that government officials were obligated by law to provide to their oversight.

Nunes lays out what documents he needs and what documents they have been holding back on, including the 3 reports from the Russian spy the Democrats hired.

Nunes has been after this like a Pit Bull. And however much the left squeals like a stuck pig over the things Nunes is doing, time and again, his assertions were (eventually) proven right.