Trump Gives Video Message Before Relocating To Walter Reed For Precautionary Reasons

Published on October 3, 2020

President Trump and Melania are both reporting that they are doing well and appreciate the many well-wishes and prayers on their behalf.

Normally, a trip to Walter Reid means a quick checkup or visiting a vet. This time is a little different. Now that he’s tested positive for the China Plague, he will be bunking there for a couple of nights at least.

The President sounds optimistic, his symptoms have been described as mild so far, and he has been given a medical regimen to get ahead of the disease.

Our understanding of treatment has come a long way, including a new understanding of the role zinc plays (he is taking some), an unlikely connection between stomach acid levels and survivability (he is taking Pepsid), and he is taking a few other promising medications that we all hope will speed him down that road to recovery.

Trump very briefly took the time to put Americans’ minds at ease with a video update of how he and his wife have been doing.

Here is the footage of POTUS walking — under his own power — to the helicopter, where he still seems pretty healthy and hale.

But if you think he’s being shuffled into your standard hospital room, you’ve misunderstood what Walter Reid really is.

It is set up exactly for situations like this one. A fully-functioning hospital, but also serves as an extention of the West Wing. Office space for his support staff is on-site.

The Department of Defense runs Walter Reed, but the White House controls the presidential suite, which is as much a living space and office as a medical facility.

It includes an intensive care unit, a kitchen and a secure conference room. White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows has his own office space in the medical center, and there are sleeping quarters for the White House physician to be present 24/7 during the president’s stay.

If Trump requires specialty care the White House physician can’t provide, prescreened specialists whose background checks are already done are available to the president. –NBCNY

And if you’ve seen any of the photos of that Presidential suite? Then you already know the President will NOT be ‘slumming it’ while away from the White House.