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WATCH: Chris Cuomo Gets Busted In Public Without A Mask

When it gives Fredo a chance to shoot spitballs at the President, Fredo Cuomo cares very deeply about wearing masks in public. When it comes to his own behavior? Not so much.

Then again, what should we really expect from the doofus who got in a public fight with someone while ‘in quarantine’ only to stage a dramatic photo op of him ‘finally leaving his basement’ a few days later?

For all his wealth, he is hardly a sophisticated intellect. And ethically, he’s an absolute fraud. Otherwise he would be at least as hard on the death warrant his brother signed on unsuspecting New Yorkers living in nursing homes as he was on his endless fabrications against Trump.

If it’s the end of the world when Trump — standing alone on his balcony — makes a public show of the fact that he’s still got much of his strength (especially when journos are publicly kicking the tires on the 25th Amendment, and openly wondering about potential national security gaps if Trump is feeling ill, then surely Cuomo needs to be held to account for going maskless in public.

To borrow their own language — what kind of an example does it set to the impressionable public?

Here’s a summary:

According to Carlson, the images of Cuomo were taken over the weekend and showed him at a restaurant with a cigar in hand.

The photos are believed to have been taken on Long Island.

Carlson aired the images in a bid to call out Cuomo for his criticism of people who disobey the rules when it comes to following guidelines amid the pandemic.

‘Chris Cuomo calls us immoral for doubting the rules,’ Carlson said on his show. ‘Again, we don’t judge Chris Cuomo, Chris Cuomo judges us,’ Carlson added.

Carlson aired the images just hours after Cuomo was lampooned for labeling a video of President Donald Trump removing his face mask at the White House ‘propaganda,’ after he shared a similar video months ago.

…Cuomo scrutinized Trump for flouting face masks after numerous members of his inner circle, White House staffers, journalists and workers at the Cleveland presidential debate contracted COVID-19 after his diagnosis.

‘He didn’t just walk in the White House one time with no mask tonight. He had his video crew capture that stupid scene again so he could put out propaganda,’ he said.

But on social media, a number of people pointed out that Cuomo had shared a comparable video that was accused of being ‘staged’ in April. –DailyMail

Here’s a thought.

Do you suppose Mr. Tough Guy is a little bit pissed off because Trump — now 74 — came through his illness with grace and dignity while Fredo was a whiny bitch publicly complaining about his hallucinations?

Sorry to break it to you Fredo, but all the workouts in the world won’t change what’s inside you.

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