WATCH: Don Jr.’s Message For Outdoorsmen Is One The Media (D) Doesn’t Want You To Hear

Written by K. Walker on October 7, 2020

This is one thing that the Trump administration has done that is just not covered in the anti-Trump partisan press.

This isn’t the kind of story that normally makes headlines, but it should.

With increased urbanization and our world becoming more “online” and indoors, it’s important to get out and see the “real” world once in a while.

Under the Trump administration, more Americans can do just that.

President Trump has committed to preserving our beautiful natural spaces and making them accessible to Americans so that we can all enjoy it.

Donald Trump Jr. — an outdoorsman himself — knows how important it is for those spaces to be protected and accessible. In 2016, he assured the hunters, trappers, fishermen (and women) that Donald J. Trump would protect what they hold dear. He’s done that.

Watch as Don. Jr. explains what his father has done in the past 4 years:

It might not be the flashy soundbite or a top-tier election issue, but it’s important. It’s in The Great Outdoors where we refresh and recharge, where we make memories with our families, and where we experience the majesty and beauty of God’s creation.

President Trump thinks it’s important, too.

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