WATCH: Joe Biden Struggles To Answer A Question, Campaign Staff Orders Reporters To Leave

Written by K. Walker on October 27, 2020

Is THIS why the campaign calls a “lid” almost every day?

With just a week to go, Joe Biden is still not campaigning very much, which is leading to a lot of speculation.

Is it because:

  • He’s afraid of getting COIVD
  • He does better letting the election be a referendum on Trump
  • He’s avoiding addressing the Hunter Biden laptop scandal
  • “Moderate Joe’s” policies are so out of the mainstream that the campaign doesn’t want to advertise them
  • He doesn’t want to explain where he made his money
  • He’s a gaffe machine that sinks in the polls when he speaks
  • He has flip-flopped on a major issue — banning fracking — and doesn’t want to discuss it
  • He doesn’t want to be clear to voters that he’s going to push to expand the Supreme Court
  • There’s something very, very wrong with his mental state and they’re hiding him

Maybe it’s none of those, one, a combination, or maybe it’s all of them. We’ll never know, really.

But one thing is clear, he’s hiding for a reason.

When he does come out, it’s that last one that seems the most plausible.

Here is Joe on Monday after he was shamed out of hiding when President Trump held several rallies in Pennsylvania.

Joe is clearly struggling to answer a question about his position regarding expanding the Supreme Court beyond the 9 justices, and his staffers shoo away reporters.

Here are the moments leading up to that one.

It was a dazzling panoply of incoherence.

This is nothing new to the Biden campaign, they’ve been doing this for months.

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Perhaps it’s because they’re following Obama’s advice to shut Joe down so that he doesn’t embarrass himself and destroy his legacy.

Here’s Saagar Enjeti of The Hill talking about Obama’s advice to the Biden team.

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