As Predicted, Online Schooling Is Hurting The Kids — Here’s How

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2020

From the beginning, it was clear that motives other than the well-being of children were at play. But did any of the ‘experts’ bother to ask how this might harm the kids?

If there was any silver lining to the whole Chinavirus drama the world has been plunged into it is the fact that children were only modestly affected by it at all.

They have not been especially vulnerable to it, nor is there evidence that they been a significant transmission vector of the spread as had been first feared.

Which was a key argument for schools to remain open. But they didn’t remain open… in many instances, this was because of demands made by teachers’ unions. Including, in some instances, demands that had nothing to do with education or schooling, and everything to do with leveraging the threat of keeping kids home (and disrupting the economy) over demands keyed to Progressive and/or Marxist ideology.


And how about those kids? The ones that every one of their demands tends to be worded as an ‘if you don’t do this, kids will suffer’?

The short answer is, the kids are suffering.

A new study conducted by Virginia’s largest school system found that distance learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic is severely damaging academic achievement. –Blaze

Is anybody really surprised by this?

In comparison to the last academic year, the percentage of middle school and high school students enrolled in Fairfax County Public Schools receiving marks of “F” in two or more classes during the first quarter of this academic year rose from 6% to 11%, the district’s Office of Research and Strategic Improvement found. The numbers represent a year-over-year increase of 83%.

Younger students were much more seriously affected than older ones, as middle-schoolers exhibited a 300% increase in marks of “F,” while high schoolers exhibited a 50% increase.

The study also found that some of the most vulnerable students — those with disabilities and English-language learners — were the ones who have been struggling the most. –Blaze

Kids are falling through the cracks, and those students who are the farthest behind are suffering the most.

Great job selling your panic porn, guys. Now how are you planning to undo the damage you’ve done?

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