FOX NEWS: Heads Should Roll After Disgraceful Election Night Programing

Written by Wes Walker on November 4, 2020

‘They were acting like a Democrat Superpac’ in their election coverage is NOT what you want to hear about a ‘fair and balanced’ news network.

FoxNews has been changing lately. They seem to be tilting further toward the rest of mainstream media in their sycophantic support of Democrats.

Their polling biases were just one indicator.

On election night itself, they were quicker on the trigger to confirm Biden wins than even MSNBC and CNN… while slow-walking Trump wins.

By those who actually watched the insufferable election-night coverage on Fox, the common consensus was that they were insufferable. It cost them both viewers and loyalty.

The most egregious example of a biased screw-up was the VERY early call of Arizona for the Biden column.

Here’s Benny explaining how FoxNews’s behavior last night not only pissed off the Republican campaign but even had FoxNews’s own TV personalities calling for firings over what happened.

He gives a list of reasons why FoxNews blew it, and sounded like election interference… to the GOVERNOR of Arizona!

‘Worse than 2000’

They refused to call Texas, Florida or Ohio, despite a much more solid lead than the too-close-to-call Arizona race.

Tucker Carlson is saying the people who were wrong need to be fired.

Do you agree?