Godless Leaders Are A Curse To Our Nation

Written by Doug Giles on November 15, 2020

At this point, the outcome of the court action is a coin flip. But the Good Book still has some wit and wisdom for the situation we find ourselves in today.

If Trump wins, the nation will have dodged a bullet for sure.

The whole world will.

Just look at all the countries that were on fire because of Obama/Biden foreign policy.

Here’s a taste of today’s show:

I might not be clear, from a prophetic standpoint, regarding what’s going to occur in the next month or two concerning our presidency, but I do know that when a nation, or a people, or a group or a party, starts blowing off God that God will remove good leaders and replace them with crap leaders consisting of mostly evil women and young punks that storm against everything that is holy, just, and good.

If you need proof then click ‘play’ on this podcast.

Enjoy and share.

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