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Governor Cuomo Calls Any Law Enforcement Officer Who Refuses To Enforce His COVID Mandates A ‘Dictator’ (VIDEO)

This is another case of the Governor of New York having zero self-awareness.

Seriously, the law enforcement officers refusing to enforce Cuomo’s blatant government overreach are the “dictators”?

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On Monday, New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo lashed out after Fulton County Sheriff Richard Giardino pushed back against the Thanksgiving COVID restrictions imposed on residents of the Empire State.

Sheriff Giardino said in a Facebook post, “Frankly, I am not sure it could sustain a Constitutional challenge in Court for several reasons including your house is your castle. And as a Sheriff with a law degree I couldn’t in good faith attempt to defend it in Court, so I won’t.” He added, “Who and how many people you invite in to your home is your business.”

The Sheriff also said that the Sheriff’s department has limited resources and “monitoring Family Dinners aren’t our priority.” He continued stating that he had faith in the judgment of Fulton County residents and said that 2020 has been a tough year and many of us need Thanksgiving right now. He did say that those with family members in high-risk categories should be cautious, “I urge you to use good judgement, wear masks, wash and disinfect frequently and social distance. The safety of your loved ones, family and friends should be the priority.”

He also said that more people will follow the restrictions when they are asked to do something and given good reasons why it makes sense rather than told that they must comply or face consequences.

Nevertheless, Governor Cuomo wasn’t having it. In a presser on Monday, he slammed the

CUOMO: This is an emotional time, political time. Everybody has their own strongly held opinion. Right. You have a strongly held opinion that says, “COVID is all an overreaction. It’s a hoax. I’m not wearing a mask. I’m not following these rules.” You have sheriffs upstate who have said, “I’m not going to enforce the law. Now, how a law enforcement officer says, “I choose not to enforce that law,” uh — I believe that law enforcement officer violates his or her constitutional duty. I don’t consider them a law enforcement officer. Because you don’t have the right to pick laws that you think you will enforce, and you don’t enforce laws that you don’t agree with. Right? That’s not a law enforcement officer. That’s a dictator. So, you’re not a law enforcement officer.


What an unbelievable statement! So, you just obey government diktats even if they violate the Constitution? Sending in police to monitor how many people are eating turkey in your home seems to be a breach of the Fourth Amendment — but hey, I’m no expert on Constitutional rights.


Governor Cuomo has been the absolute worst Governor in the entire country with handling this pandemic, and that’s a tough competition with the Democrat Governors working hard for the title: Whitmer in Michigan, Newsom in California, Wolf in Pennsylvania, and Murphy in New Jersey have all tossed aside the Bill of Rights and pushed their own authoritarianism which has done nothing but spiked deaths in nursing homes.

It’s an interesting take from Governor Cuomo about what defines a law enforcement officer.

So, what do you call a Governor who won’t follow his own orders?

While Governor Cuomo was taking aim at a particular Sheriff, he was chatting about his own family’s Thanksgiving plans, and guess what? They weren’t in compliance with his repeated warnings on Twitter or in press briefings.

And where would Emmy Award-Winning Governor Cuomo be without a little drama and fearmongering?

Cuomo had announced on Twitter earlier in the day that one of his three daughters was not going to head to Albany after all because it’s “not safe to travel.”

During a late afternoon radio interview on Monday, Governor Cuomo said that his Thanksgiving plans included hosting his 89-year old mother as well as his other two daughters — who do not live with him — at his mansion in Albany. That was at around 3:45 pm, but by 5:30 pm, he nixed the gathering after facing significant backlash. He blamed it on being busy with “work.”

Do you believe that? I don’t.

K. Walker

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