Hate Hoax Huckster Could Face Serious Jail Time

Written by Wes Walker on November 18, 2020

You ever notice how the side that complains about being targeted keeps getting caught in hate hoaxes, while the Red-Hat side keeps getting actually sucker-punched (or worse) by angry mobs?

Here’s yet another hoax gone wrong.

Why would someone ‘Jussie’ themselves?

It’s a way to game the system and get your fifteen minutes of fame, especially if you can tie your ‘oppression’ in to a larger storyline. Which brings us to this pathetic story.

A man from Buffalo, New York has been charged after covering his own BMW with racist and homophobic graffiti, WGRZ reports.

According to Erie County District Attorney John Flynn, 18-year-old Clifton Eutsey spray painted his own car with hateful graffiti which included a swastika, the N-word, “KKK,” and profanity directed at Black Lives Matter. Police also says that the man poured sugar into his own gas tank. Eutsey also vandalized his car with slogans promoting President Donald Trump.

Eutsey has since been charged with felony insurance fraud, as well as three misdemeanor charges related to filing false reports. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to seven years in prison.

Hate crime hoaxes are more common than most believe, with some researchers estimating that fewer than one third of all hate crime reports are genuine. –PostMillenial

There are also some felony charges in play from a separate incident, as well.

So let me get this straight — an 18-year-old kid, driving a BMW felt such a need to prove to the world that he was somehow ‘oppressed’ that he ruined his own car to buy entry into the ‘I’m oppressed, too’ club?

What kind of a colossal clusterf*** is culture becoming, anyway?

Here a little historical context for this problem.

Historians will be scratching their heads one day asking how the world could watch with such outrage as Jussie Smollet’s ‘tragedy’ unfolded at almost the exact same time the leftist media cheered the destruction of a teenage kid Nick Sandmann for — gasp — wearing a red hat in public.

We all know how both of those stories ended. (Nick might well be CNN’s highest-paid person after the lawsuits! Delicious.)

But these were part of a larger pattern.

As hard as it is to imagine, there are some powerful incentives to being classed a ‘victim’ in some circles. Monetary incentives are just the tip of the iceberg. It can get you fast-tracked into the left’s political/activist machinery, which can be a very lucrative shortcut to ‘leveling up’. Just ask Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or David Hogg.

Grift like that is a high-stakes gamble. Ask Jussie what happens if you come up snake-eyes?

Or, at this point, you could ask Clifton Eutsey, too.

Is now a good time to talk about disincentivizing victimhood grifting?