Hey CNN: Why Was This Biden Associate’s Name Removed From This ‘Immigration’ Website?

Written by Wes Walker on November 23, 2020

With Joe Biden pushing an open borders immigration agenda, it would only be appropriate for Joe to disclose any incentives, financial or otherwise that might be driving such an agenda, right?

After all, what with the unresolved Hunter Biden issues, it would be good to know if he has an eye to the national interest or serving more private interests.

We used to call such conflicts ‘corruption’, back when the press cared about when Democrats got caught neck-deep in such issues.

If there were an ‘R’ after Joe’s name, they would have already built the gallows on which to hang him (politically and metaphorically, of course), in much the same way that they had it in for Trump from the beginning — facts be damned.

Remember all those promises Joe made about immigration? He has a few he’s pledged concerning DACA and other ones about suspending all deportations and spiking the agreements with Mexico and Central American nations that have kept caravans from crashing our borders en masse?

What is Jill Biden’s Chief of Staff trying to keep hidden?

Julissa Reynoso, who would serve the First Lady, is listed as a member of the advisory board at the Florida-based company where her previous positions of U.S. Ambassador to Uruguay and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Central American, Caribbean and Cuban Affairs in the Obama administration are prominently displayed.

Reynoso, however, omits her visa work from her bio with her current employer, law firm Winston & Strawn.

When the site – eb5visafunds.com – is accessed, it now redirects to a page exclaiming “This site is down for maintenance. Please check back again soon”: —NationalPulse

Shouldn’t Americans have a right to know whether Joe is on the level and if there’s anything like a quid-pro-quo clouding his political judgment on such matters?

Joe’s wife picked a Chief Of Staff who served on the board of a group who stands to gain quite a lot of profit from his proposed immigration changes.

What is it this website does?

Ah, nothing much. They’re just a for-profit company selling American citizens to wealthy foreigners. No potential for conflict there, right?

The question nobody has answered to our satisfaction yet — is Biden for sale or not? And if he is… who’s buying?

National Security itself could one day hinge on the answer to this question.