Hey IRAN: Don’t Get Too Excited About Hooking Up With Biden Again — Here’s Why (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 21, 2020

Even if Biden DOES go on to be POTUS 46, that doesn’t mean it’s smooth sailing for Iran to go back to that favored treatment again.

For one thing, if the Senate stays Republican, the Senate would have to approve any foreign treaties. And despite the dirty dealing (thanks Flake) that Obama set up to make it happen last time, a Republican Senate would be certain to challenge such a deal in the Supreme Court as a usurpation of Article I powers. (Honestly, they should consider doing the same with the Paris Climate Accord, which was never cleared by the Senate, either.)

For another thing, there have been a lot of changes in the Middle East in the 4 years since Obama stopped letting political arsonists in that part of the world burn everything down. Those arsonists just happened to have had substantial backing from Iran.

Now that Trump’s sanctions have turned off the money flow, a lot of funding for those political arsonists has dried up. Israel’s neighbors have noticed, and like what they have been seeing.

Longstanding cultural/political/religious differences between Israel and her Arab neighbors have likewise shifted in alignments. The Trump administration has participated directly in several peace treaties.

With the election results still unresolved, the status of several other regional peace deals that were said to be on the way are up in the air.

But one thing is clear — increasingly, Arab neighbors have realized that it’s Iran, not Israel, that is the real threat and enemy of their region. So much so that a journalist from Bahrain has said ‘We are all Zionists and we stand with Israel against Iran’.

(From the 2:00 mark) ‘So to Biden should be clear the message from Bahrain and from all the GCC countries: Today we stand together with Israel. We thrive together. We fight against one enemy. We live in peace and prosperity and coexistence and more mutual culture and religion understanding.’

Don’t think it’s just motivated by business practices, either. It goes a lot deeper than that, and he says so.

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