Hey Leftists: If The RIGHT Are The Threat To Democracy, Please Explain THIS …

Written by Wes Walker on November 3, 2020

Remember that Bernie bro organizer who promised that their side would be chucking bricks? Here’s the handiwork of some like-minded ‘activists’.

When our side talks about crushing the opposition, we mean through the orderly, scheduled ‘revolution’ the Framers built into the Constitution, where each citizen gets a voice, each State holds some power and the combined result of the national consensus decides who will guide the nation through the next four years.

It’s our strong belief in that system and the will of the people that pushes us not only to abide by those rules but to rise to their defense when we see them threatened.

Isn’t it telling how rare it is to find a Republican gaming the electoral system when contrasted to the number of Democrats who get caught red-handed in some sort of electoral shenanigans?

They are the ones who fight for ballot harvesting, fight tooth-and-nail against purging old voter lists, who fight at every turn against rules that verify the vote being cast is done so by a citizen lawfully entitled to vote in that district.

Should it really surprise us that, with the rise of Bernie and the openly Marxist-leaning Left (and Kamala Harris whose voting record is even further left than Bernie’s), the radicals in their midst would be getting impatient?

After all, Trump’s agenda is setting their anti-American goals back by decades.

Should it really surprise us that THIS is being spraypainted on the home of a candidate, a veteran who was wounded in the service of the country?

AND on a Congressman’s office, too?

If the radical left takes charge, find no comfort in being merely just ‘moderate’ left-winger. Those guys have a habit of being among the first to be purged after a revolution.

Is America the one example where moderates would be treated better?

The system, as made by the Framers, protects us ALL from the excesses of violent revolution. Messing with it strikes to the very core of who we are.

Keep that in mind while you cast your vote, whether this year or long into the future.

And who is the guy whose home they were vandalizing?

He introduces himself in this video:

If he’s on your ballot, consider throwing your vote behind him. He sounds like one helluva guy.