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LMAO: Employees Of Canadian Publishing Company CRY Because They’ll Be Printing Jordan Peterson’s Latest Book

You can be sure those tears were neither joy nor pride. Unhinged doesn’t even begin to describe these people.

Media alarmists have people so wrapped around the axle that they can’t even allow for the possibility of people who have a legitimately different opinion than this morning’s latest update to politically-correct political orthodoxy.

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Having a contrary opinion doesn’t make you merely a member of a different philosophical school, as would once have been the case. It makes you something more sinister. An outsider. An enemy. A threat. We’ll come back shortly to why they hate Jordan so much.

Employees at Penguin Random House Canada were reportedly besieged by their emotions after finding out the company will publish Dr. Jordan Peterson’s book Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life in March 2021.

Peterson’s book, which follows up where his bestseller 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos left off, caused consternation at the publisher, with several employees becoming emotionally overwhelmed at the prospect of the company releasing it, according to four staff members.

“Several employees cried at the meeting discussing how Peterson’s views have negatively impacted their lives,” VICE’s Manisha Krishnan, who first reported the story, tweeted on Tuesday. “One told me: ‘He is an icon of hate speech and transphobia and the fact that he’s an icon of white supremacy… I’m not proud to work for a company that publishes him.'”

The employees gathered for what was described as an “emotional town hall” on Monday, during which staff members were allegedly “crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson has affected their lives.”

…“We announced yesterday that we will publish Jordan Peterson’s new book Beyond Order this coming March,” the statement read. “Immediately following the announcement, we held a forum and provided a space for our employees to express their views and offer feedback. Our employees have started an anonymous feedback channel, which we fully support. We are open to hearing our employees’ feedback and answering all of their questions. We remain committed to publishing a range of voices and viewpoints.” –WashingtonExaminer

They hate him for a very unremarkable reason. He became famous in Canada when he opposed a law in which the government demanded individuals speak in certain ways or face punishment.

For anyone who understands Petersons’ lifelong study of authoritarian regimes, and human free will, this was a no-go for him. It’s one thing to forbid that things be done, or even said.

But speech is a private act of the will, and no government has the right to compel us to say anything we do not believe to be true.

These clowns are crying and talking about how Peterson has ‘affected their lives’. For the record, he hasn’t affected a damned one of their lives one iota.

The fear-merchants in cancel culture may have whipped them into a rabid frenzy, but that’s not on Doctor Peterson.

If a private individual asks to be addressed in a particular way, he will gladly do so, as part of basic, decent human interaction. Never once has he objected to that.

But if a government puts a gun to his head and says ‘you must say the words we tell you to say’… that’s a very different story, and he will not comply.

If these clowns spent less time trying to make the world conform to their petty expectations, and more time mastering their own lives and competencies, they wouldn’t be so threatened by forces outside of their control.

Ironically, reading, or listening to some of Doctor Petersons’ work would help them with that. Not that this crowd is likely to take him up on it.

It’s sad, really, how people kneecap themselves this way for no reason.

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