LMAO: This ‘Pallets Full Of Ballots’ Tune Will Make Liberal Heads Explode (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 10, 2020

The day after election day, it was clear to many of us that people were screwing with the results behind the scenes. The very next day, this guy had written a pretty solid song about it.

When Hillary woke up in November of 2016 to realize she was NOT the President, we all remember the orchestrated screams, outraged tears, pussyhat marches, and burning limos and Starbucks.

When our side gets thrown for a curve, we like to think we use our energies a little more effectively.

This young guy — Austin Forman, by the look of his YouTube channel — did a really good job of using the events themselves, set to music, to tell a fun story that leaves whoever hears it with a pretty good sense of where we stand.

Cleverly, he called his song, ‘Pallets Full Of Ballots’.


One of the best comments on his channel was ‘Trump’s doing more election fraud rallies — give this guy a gig.’

That idea’s not half-bad, to be honest. This could be a pretty good walk-on tune.

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