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MSNBC’s Joy Reid Used A Disgusting Racial Slur For Justice Clarence Thomas (VIDEO)

It seems that she’s continuing on with her history of race-baiting and bigotry.

Joy Reid is a completely awful human being, so she was naturally promoted to MSNBC’s evening lineup in July.

Prior to the 7 pm MSNBC timeslot, she was a weekend host on the network, and it was astounding that she was taken seriously.

Here’s a supercut of some of her regularly occurring hostile moments on her weekend morning show that was rather ironically called “AM Joy”:

Now, she’s hosting an evening show called “The ReidOut” and has been one of the leading voices in MSNBC’s political coverage. Naturally, she was brought forward for the 2020 Election night coverage.

At one point, she was talking about the possibility of Trump challenging the election results in the Supreme Court. She asked her fellow leftists if they trusted the conservative Justices like Amy Coney Barrett and “Uncle Clarence” to follow the law.

REID: If somehow [the Trump campaign] manage to stumble into the Supreme Court, do any of you guys trust Uncle Clarence and Amy Coney Barrett and those guys to actually follow the letter of the law? No. It is a completely politicized Supreme Court that you can’t just trust that they’re going to do the right thing.

Calling Justice Thomas “Uncle Clarence” was adapting the racial slur “Uncle Tom” which is a reference to black people — specifically men — that are allegedly kowtowing to white people supposedly against their own interests. It comes from Harriet Beecher Stowe’s pro-abolitionist novel, “Uncle Tom’s Cabin,” and is generally used by blacks towards other blacks who tend to lean conservative, or otherwise oppose the tolerated leftwing worldview.

She seems to like the disparaging nickname. She’s used it in a couple of recent Twitter threads on the very same topic.

She’s an unhinged leftist.

But it wasn’t always so.

Before she started raking in the cash and accolades from the leftist wormhole that is MSNBC, she had a blog that was rather…different than her current political positions.

Her old blog was covered on Tucker’s show in 2018.

She claims that it was “hacked” and the FBI was investigating it.

Yeah, I don’t believe it.

The FBI hasn’t figured out who went back and tossed in all that moderate stuff and the anti-LGBT slurs, but I’m sure they’re right on it.

Joy Reid, just like the rest of the media, is in her own little bubble where anyone who isn’t leftist is racist and all leftists are virtuous and incapable of bigotry.

A normal, rational human being would be capable of some self-reflection, but not Joy Reid!

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