PRAGER U: The Origin Of Thanksgiving As A Holiday (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on November 26, 2020

So, you think you know about Thanksgiving, do you? Watch this and find out.

At a time in our history where a sitting congresswoman (who fled to America as a refugee for opportunities her own home couldn’t offer, no less!) is openly crapping on our celebration of Thanksgiving while getting help from the supposed ‘paper of record’ to do so, PragerU is bringing us back to the details of actual history that led to this celebration.

We covered the story of Tom Cotton celebrating this history, and Ilhan Omar panning it here: 1619 v 1620: Tom Cotton Commemorates Mayflower Compact While Ilhan Trashes America

Those details include the Pilgrims who landed 400 years ago this month, celebrating the one that is had the first such celebration after surviving a killing winter and surviving to the end of harvest without dying starvation. It includes proclamations by George Washington and Abe Lincoln.

Lincoln said, in 1863, the bloodiest year of the war, that, “the year that is drawing to a close has been filled with the blessings of fruitful fields and healthful skies. … But even in the midst of a civil war of unequaled severity and magnitude, the nation had much to be thankful for.”

Our patriotic readers may well already know all of that. But do you know this OTHER name as well?

For the persnickety Hate America First types who see Thanksgiving and America through the jaundiced eyes of the many Ilhan Omars and the Colin Kapernicks of the world, here’s a look at what that first contact REALLY looked like, including some spectacular evidence of the hand of God setting the stage for what happened next. (The video is cued up to where Knowles begins talking about that story.)

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