SICK: With COVID Surging, Swiss Hospitals Are Asking 60yo Patients To Sign This…

Written by Wes Walker on November 25, 2020

Remember how people tell us that Switzerland has some of the world’s best hospital care? Would YOU send an elderly relative to one of their hospitals?

They’re expecting hospitals to fill up. Hard decisions will have to be made.

It looks like they have found their ‘solution’. Throw grandad to the wolves.

It would be particularly rude to say ‘do us all a favor and just die already’.

But ‘freeing up space so another life can be saved’? That almost sounds honorable, doesn’t it? The greater good and all that.

And all it would cost them is their very life.

Swiss doctors have asked all over 60s and heart patients to sign ‘do not resuscitate’ forms to free up intensive care beds.

The call comes as the country is facing a second coronavirus wave that has seen a surge of infections in recent weeks.

Switzerland has seen cases rise from 100,000 a few weeks ago to 300,000, with nearly 9,800 new daily infections and the death toll over 4100.

The Swiss Society for Intensive Care Medicine called on the “especially imperiled” including the over 60s, or with health conditions like heart disease and diabetes, to put their wishes on paper.

“This will support your own relatives, but also the teams in the ICUs, as they make decisions so the treatment can be done in the best possible manner according to the individual patient wishes,” SGI said in a statement.-NewYorkPost

See, in their society, that bed space is precious.

In our society, it’s lives that are precious… at least for now.

Of course, if we ever join the one-payer system, that could all change.

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