This Election Fraud T-Shirt Should Be Worn by Every Patriot

Published on November 8, 2020

After four years of Democrats bleating about unproven ‘election interference’, what in the HELL have we been seeing unfolding before our eyes?

Michigan poll observers — with a Constitutional right to provide oversight over ballot-counting — get thrown out of the building, to the CHEERS of the people ‘counting’ the vote. But we’re supposed to trust them.

In Pennsylvania, State officials refused to comply with a COURT ORDER granting access for Poll watchers to watch to see citizens are not being disenfranchised.

Example after example of questionable practices come up, and nobody in the Left or in the ‘mainstream press’ even seems to care.

The Left is rubbing their hands in glee at the thought of retaking the White House.

And they’re expecting the Right will do what we always do — tuck our tails between our legs and run from the fight with a shrug saying ‘they cheated, but what can you do about it’.

Well, for one thing, what the left is hoping for is to demoralize us, to make us think we’re just a few dissenting voices who can’t rise up and do something about it.

How do you push back against that? To let them (and the Left) that we’re NOT just going to run away and bitch for the next four years about how we got screwed over?

You can start by letting others know they’re not alone.

Nail your colors to the mast. Make your voice heard.

If you think there was a crapload of dirty cheating involved in this election… SAY so!

Grab yourself the T-shirt…

Legit Votes Matter – Unisex Jersey Short Sleeve Tee

Or the coffee mug
(to make the breakroom at work just a little more interesting)…

Legit Votes Matter – Black mug 11oz

There are a lot of ways a patriot can have his say.

Let’s not be afraid to use them ALL … while we still can.