Voter Fraud Info Website Shows What Would Change If Only LEGAL Votes Were Counted

Written by K. Walker on November 10, 2020

Biden has constantly said “count every vote” but that’s disingenuous. Here’s why…

Simply put: not every vote that was cast was a legal one.

That doesn’t mean that there’s necessarily a coordinated effort to enact widespread malfeasance or an attempt to manipulate the election in a particular way, but that is just what happens when there is an election. There are spoiled ballots, people who try to vote illegally, and attempts at fraud on some scale. That also isn’t saying that there wasn’t a concerted effort to manipulate the election for a particular candidate.

This election year was unprecedented for rapid changes in the electoral process just months before the presidential election — especially in Democrat states — citing concerns about the ongoing pandemic and the fear of spreading the virus.

The problem was, some of these were untested and unprecedented changes and may not even be constitutional.

Back in early October, ClashDaily reported that rightwingers were posting photos of the multiple extra live ballots that they had received in the mail in Washington D.C…

Conspiracy Of Silence: ‘Extra’ Mailed-out Ballots Showing Up Everywhere … Where Is The ‘News’?

…notably absent were the leftwingers posting the same sorts of photos.

Until this year, mass mail-in voting was considered somewhat suspect because it was ripe for fraud, but, due to the pandemic, well, we were constantly assured by Democrats and the Media (D) that it was exactly the same as absentee voting. It isn’t.

In some states, signatures weren’t on file to compare to the signature on the ballot, the chain of custody was suspect, and voter rolls are often incorrect.

Mail-in votes were rejected by the thousands in the primaries, and states still didn’t firm up their systems.

SNAFU: Primaries Reject Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots … But Mail Is A-Ok For November? has a Primer on Voter Fraud and states that it does happen and far too frequently.

Remember, the Kennedy/Nixon election of 1960 had a bunch of ballots “found” in Chicago and Texas that were just enough to push Kennedy over the line. Nixon conceded the election knowing that he had rightfully won. (Too bad he wasn’t remembered for that unifying move, eh?)

Dov Fischer at The American Spectator goes through the Democrats’ history of lying, cheating, and stealing elections. 

Clearly, fiddling around with ballots can change the result of elections.

EveryLegalVote has a chart that shows the standings removing the states where there appears to be evidence of voter fraud.

It looks like this:

So, how much difference could eliminating apparent voter fraud in 2020 make?

A pretty big one, it seems.

Here’s with the voter fraud:

Here’s without:


That’s a big difference, isn’t it?

That’s why President Trump needs to exhaust every legal option that he has available to him and never surrender.

After all, isn’t that what Hillary had told Biden to do?

WATCH: Hillary Says That ‘Joe Biden Should Not Concede Under ANY Circumstances’

Why yes, yes it is.

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