WATCH: Did Trump Outplay The Political Fraudsters With A Sneaky Trick To Secure The Vote?

Written by Wes Walker on November 6, 2020

Absolute Game-Changer! If true, it would take what looks like a massive blow to trust in the Republic’s institutions, to a great purge of everything that’s corrupting it.

While we can neither confirm nor disprove the claims made in this video, they would make for an interesting wrinkle going forward if they were to prove true.

The claim is that Trump’s administration saw this election tampering possibility a mile away, and watermarked the ballots so that the valid and invalid ones could be easily distinguished.

The claim is that it was a sting operation and Homeland Security was working together with states in the production of the ballots and has an electronic blockchain method of knowing exactly what’s going on with each one.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik explains with some specificity what he claims to have inside knowledge of in this interview.

Critics would dismiss this ‘sting’ story as merely a conspiracy theory, invoking their favorite usual online right-wing scapegoats as proof of its inauthenticity.

Either way, it wouldn’t remain merely a theory for very long. If there was even a hint of truth to it, it will become material evidence in coming court cases, and the arrests Dr. Pieczenik has predicted will be sure to follow.

If not?

We’re in no worse off a situation than if he had never made the claim in the first place.

We’d be facing an election which is certain to wind up as a nightmare scenario before the courts that will make Bush v. Gore look like a stroll in the park.

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