WATCH: Yugoslavian Issues Powerful Warning To America…Don’t Make The Same Mistakes We Did

Written by Wes Walker on November 17, 2020

Well before Yugoslavia collapsed into a ruinous civil war, the seeds of that collapse were being deliberately sown by unscrupulous and power-hungry individuals. That same pattern has begun to emerge in America.

When all of Europe should have been thrilled at the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the end of the Soviet Empire, a few could only see the loss of their political power base.

Communism was a tainted product that couldn’t be offered.

But Socialism?

That might sell. And in their case, it did.

These political puppeteers applied the same divide-and-conquer tactics that a different group appealing to both Socialism and national identity had exploited so successfully in Europe half a century earlier.

These cynical, power-hungry groups took a nation who were basically unified despite their religious and cultural diversity — and created tension.

Then they drove wedges into those tension points and applied pressure.

They created distrust.

Distrust turned to violence…
-violence against individuals
-violence breaking out during protests into rioting and burning

The violence got out of hand.

It led to civil war, and roughly 100,000 dead, many of them civilians.

And why? Because a stable nation couldn’t be successfully toppled.

She’s not just whining about a problem.

She points out the weak points that the Leftists are trying to exploit in America.

She reminds us who it is that’s pouring fuel on these fires of conflict.

She ALSO offers America a very specific roadmap on how to successfully stand against this strategy to tear at the fabric of our society.

When her country toppled, it hurt the whole region.

But if they could do the same to America, the whole world would feel it.

She understands the consequence if that happens, and is calling on American patriots to stand tall and live in a manner worthy of what nation’s Founders entrusted us with.

Do not let these seeds of division and hatred take root.

Do not let them tear down the very pillars on which the nation was established.

Take a stand, while there’s still something to stand for.