BAH HUMBUG: BLM Protesters Disrupt Candy-Cane Lane Fundraiser — For Sick Kids!

Written by Wes Walker on December 19, 2020

After all, what really says ‘Merry Christmas’ quite like a closed fist and angry protesters right up against your car?

Charities have a lot of creative ways to come together and raise money for their causes. This year — between the shutdowns and the distancing putting the hurt on fundraising opportunities — they had to rely on fewer fundraisers to do the heavy lifting.

All these motorists wanted to do was take their families out to enjoy the Christmas lights — and help their local sick kids charity.

And who could possibly take issue with a community trying to raise funds for than kids with cancer? Simple — a grifter group who sees those donations as supporting a rival charity. With BLM activists, there is only one cause in the world. Black lives matter and nothing else matters.

They even had the gall to chant ‘black kids matter’… as thought the kids hospital only picks cancer patients who are NOT black to offer treatment.

If we take their chant at face value, this group actually resents treatment given to kids who have the wrong skin color.

Get cancer and die, if you’re not black enough is kind of an a-hole message, if you haven’t noticed, folks.

Won’t exactly earn you any goodwill from the people you are picketing and, perhaps, threatening.

MLK is beloved by people of every color – and around the world – because he did NOT try to get special treatment for any one group, or try to punish any ‘oppressor’ group. He sought — and gained — equality at levels not previously thought imaginable.