BIDEN ON CNN: Mask Mandate For 100 Days; Only Trusts A Fauci-Approved Vaccine; Might Fake An Illness And Resign

Written by K. Walker on December 4, 2020

In an interview with CNN, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris had an interview that will leave you asking, “What in the actual hell is all of that?!”

Joe Biden has said that he wants to “make a request” that all Americans wear a mask for 100 days to end the pandemic.

Biden commits to listening to The Science™ on all things COVID.

But our experts haven’t exactly had the best record with regard to the pandemic.

First, it was no big deal and Americans shouldn’t be concerned, then it was lockdown for “15 days to slow the spread,” followed by lockdowns and mask mandates until there is a vaccine, and now that what appear to be highly-effective, low-risk vaccines are imminently available, we have to keep doing the same damned things until 2022 or something. Don’t see your relatives, don’t celebrate holidays, don’t go to church. But celebrating a Biden victory? Cool! Massive street protests that turn into riots? Those are vital because “systemic racism” is a “public health emergency” even worse than the so-called “deadly virus” that has a better than 99.9% recovery rate for those at low risk. But hey, wear a mask when you’re having sex — or better yet, use a glory hole. (Don’t Google it if you don’t know what that is.)

We have endured months and months of Pandemic Porn from the Media (D) while discussion of the actual data is memory-holed. 

But Joe is still going on about The Science™.

Here’s what the Torpid Twosome had to say about how they would handle the pandemic now that several vaccines have been developed thanks to President Trump’s Operation Warp Speed.

(The mask comments begin at the 3:48 mark.)

So, after casting doubt on the vaccine prior to the election, they’re both saying that a vaccine developed during the Trump administration is fine — as long as Dr. Fauci is on board with it.

Double-masked, Basement Biden is lecturing you about The Science™.

My Hot Take: The CDC says that the virus is spread both through droplets and has finally admitted that it is also airborne. I think a lot of these mandates are just measures put in place because the “experts” don’t really know what to do. While I do believe that certain types of masks have some effect in enclosed spaces where physical distancing isn’t possible, I don’t think that it’s all that effective. After all, you don’t see doctors and nurses who are caring for COVID patients with some homemade cotton mask on their face, right? Besides, despite wide-spread mask compliance, the virus is still spreading. But hey, I’m not a “medical expert” so take what I write with a grain of salt.

This septuagenarian, however, is poised to be the Leader of the Free World and his words matter. So, he’s telling you to slap that piece of cotton on your face for 100 days, and that’s all you’ll need to do.

Then there was this head-scratcher moment where he said that if he and “Comma-la” had a fundamental disagreement based on a moral principle, he’d “develop some disease” and say he has to resign.

He’s already teeing it up.

Do you think that this 78-year old man really and truly wants to be the President of the United States for 4 years with all of the stress and energy that it takes at the twilight of his life?

I doubt it.

Biden had said that he would be a “transition” president.

He wants this to be his legacy.

Think of the hero he’d be to the Dems if he steps aside partway through his first term to usher in the First Female Black/Asian President.

God help us all.

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