COVID ‘Experts’ Wrong Again — 55% Of One City’s New Infections Happened HERE

Written by Wes Walker on December 1, 2020

To hear the experts tell it, the places you are most likely to get COVID are at a Republican political event, a church, or a family gathering. None of those was the culprit in this instance.

Strip clubs can open, but churches must close. (Related: Califorinia Pastor Temporarily Turns Church Into Strip Club To Bypass Lockdowns

Mom and pop stores and restaurants must close. But burger chains and big-box stores are deemed ‘essential’.

By that logic, one would expect that such places are contributing to the solution more than they are to the problem. Right?

Maybe. Or maybe not.

The Mayor of El Paso, Texas, which is reeling from a staggering surge in coronavirus cases, says ‘COVID fatigue’ and shopping at large retailers are to blame for the spike.

El Paso’s hospitals have become overwhelmed with a troubling increase in coronavirus patients and deaths, prompting the city to bring in at least 10 mobile morgues earlier this month, pay inmates $2 an hour to carry dead bodies away, and deploy the Texas National Guard to help.

…Margo revealed that contact tracers have connected a wave of positive infections from big box stores.

‘We did a deep dive in our contact tracing for the week of November the 10th through the 16th and found that 55 percent of the positives were coming from shopping at large retailers, what we’d term as the big box stores,’ Margo said.

‘And those are considered essential under CISA guidelines under Homeland Security. And we don’t really have – I don’t have any control over any limitations there,’ he said.

Source: Daily Mail

If the big-box retailers are no safer than any other store, but we can’t get along without them, doesn’t the entire logic of using lockdowns to slow the spread fall apart?

It becomes government-assisted financial suicide, where some guy in a labcoat makes capricious decisions by fiat about which businesses live and which die, with absolutely NO meaningful data to support it.

This is also probably a bad time to mention that El Paso is a BORDER TOWN and their neighbors to the South — on the other side of the Border that Biden wants to reverse security advances of — is being described by the World Health Organization as being ‘in bad shape’.

But that’s just a coincidence. Probably.

Nothing to see here.

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