LMAO: ‘Governors Give New Restrictions From House Party’ Vid Is Comedy Gold!

Written by Wes Walker on December 15, 2020

This is hilarious — until you start to realize just how close to the truth it is.

State governors have some BIG plans for giving you as little freedom as they can get away with.

Does those big plans limit their lives at all?

Oh HELL no!

They’re important people, the laws aren’t supposed to apply to them, are they?

These are the sort of people that will go out to Michelin rated restaurants when your local sports bar has gone belly up.

Ryan Long has done it again:

It’s good to be king.

Or Governor — same thing.

It’s not like there’s anyone left who’ll stand up and question their authority is there?

Ok, maybe a few.

We could sure use some more.

Bold people willing to follow THIS kind of a leader, instead of the jackbooted princelings running once-great states straight into the ground.

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