Nashville Bomber’s Ex-Girlfriend Alerted Police That Warner Was Building Bombs In The RV More Than A Year Ago

Written by K. Walker on December 30, 2020

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Yet another failure by local police and the FBI.

In the wake of the devastating bombing on Christmas morning, the Tennessean has reported that Nashville Police and the FBI had been warned sixteen months earlier by Anthony Quinn Warner’s then-girlfriend that he had been buliding bombs in his RV.

In the aftermath, The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Warner was “not on our radar” prior to the bombing. But a Metro Nashville Police Department report from August 2019 shows that local and federal authorities were aware of alleged threats he had made.

No actions appear to have been taken to stop Warner, a slender 5-foot-8, 135-pound man who died in the explosion, which injured three others.

On Aug. 21, 2019, the girlfriend told Nashville police that Warner “was building bombs in the RV trailer at his residence,” the MNPD report states. Nashville police then forwarded the information to the FBI.

Back in August 2019, officers spoke to the unnamed former girlfriend and her attorney, Raymond Throckmorton III, at her home where she was sitting on her front porch with two unloaded guns that she said belonged to Warner and she no longer wanted them in her home. She also stated that Warner spoke about building bombs in his RV. Throckmorton backed her up saying that Warner, “”frequently talks about the military and bomb making.” According to the police report, Throckmorton added that Warner “knows what he is doing and is capable of making a bomb.”

The woman was fearful of Warner and was concerned that he might hurt her.

Officers went to Warner’s home, but he didn’t answer the door. They saw the RV behind the house, but it was fenced off and they couldn’t see inside it. Police did note that there were “several security cameras and wires attached to a alarm sign on the front door.”

Since they had no evidence of a crime, the officers had no authority to enter his home or fenced property where the RV was located.

The officers left and filed their report, notifying their supervisors and detectives of the incident.

The next day, a report along with identifying information about Warner were sent to the FBI to check their databases. Later that day, the FBI reported back that they found nothing at all on Warner.

During the week of August 26, 2019, police called Throckmorton, who declined to allow police to interview Warner or go on Warner’s property, the FBI told The Tennessean.

In a statement Tuesday night from [MNPD spokesman Don] Aaron, he said officers recalled Throckmorton saying Warner “did not care for the police,” and that Throckmorton would not allow Warner to give consent to officers to conduct a visual inspection of the RV.

Throckmorton told The Tennessean while he represented Warner in a civil matter several years ago, Warner was no longer a client of his in August 2019. He disputes that he told police they couldn’t search the RV.

“I have no memory of that whatsoever,” Throckmorton said of MNPD’s claim that said they could not inspect the RV. “I didn’t represent him anymore. He wasn’t an active client. I’m not a criminal defense attorney.”

He believes law enforcement could have done more to prevent the bombing.

“Somebody, somewhere dropped the ball,” Throckmorton said.
Source: The Tennessean

Is this how this works? The FBI does a background check on an individual because two people report to the police that he’s building bombs and becuase it comes back clean they just let him keep building bombs?!

This thing stinks just as much as the Vegas shooting. That tragedy happened in 2017 and we still don’t know the motive.

Although some things have been made pretty clear recently, there’s still a lot that we don’t know.

You can catch up on what we do know here:

Details About The Nashville Christmas Bombing Are Coming Into Focus… Here’s What We Know So Far

Still, it’s pretty clear that if both local law enforcement and the FBI had been warned more than a year ago and there wasn’t much follow-up, somebody did indeed drop the ball on this one. They’re lucky that it didn’t cost lives in addition to the damage.

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