Newt Gingrich Won’t Accept Biden As President – Here’s 8 Reasons Why

Written by Wes Walker on December 27, 2020

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It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the left and the right don’t even live in the same world. The one the Left call home is not one the rest of us would even recognize… or care to.

Here’s a quick summary of why it is he won’t accept a Biden presidency…

– When Trump, a political outsider, won … his win was attributed to Russian meddling. Federal law enforcement led a years-long investigation, kneecapping, undermining, and delegitimizing his Administration at every turn, a dark cloud that hung over the midterms in 2018 and almost certainly cost him control of Congress, which led to further attempts at a coup. But we’re supposed to quietly demur and concede that Biden ran a tough race from his basement, or whatever.

No sale.

It’s not the vote itself he’s reacting to, so much as the entire environment.

Everything about the lead-up to Trump’s inauguration was steeped in an attitude of ‘Resistance’… 70 elected Democrats didn’t even bother to show up to the ceremony.

But it was more than that…

– Facebook and Twitter led the charge in censoring America’s oldest, and 4th largest newspaper when they shared an embarassing story that would have been devastating to the Biden campaign. Had the public been told about it, enough shocked Democrats in battleground states said that would have changed their vote that Trump would have easily won a second term.

That’s hardly the only time they ran interference for their candiate, either.

– Zuckerberg gets to spend $400M of his own cash to conscript CITY governments in his own personal Get-Out-The-Democrat-Vote effort… but that’s somehow not a violation of equality under the law.

– We’re well past having a problem of mere Chinese espionage in America — now, even corporations as large as Apple and the NBA have a don’t-piss-China-off policy.

– One story after another about election irregularities and malfeasance are spiked with absolute indifference to the credibility of the evidence by the very same people who spent years telling us that Trump was Putin’s puppet.

Then there were the series of issues with the election itself, some of which were big enough by themselves to cause a swing in the outcome.

-Officials in almost every swing state defied election law by sending out millions of ballots to every registered voter. SCOTUS refused to hear the case based not on the merits but on a technicality.

-Virtually every swing state made serious changes in how lax they were in verifying the validity of ballots — with a statistically impossible drop in the rejection rate of, for example, Georgia’s mail-in ballots. From 6.5% down to 0.2%, in just one state’s example, 1% down to 0.003% in another.

-They used COVID like a cudgel, blaming him personally for every American death while calling Trump a liar when he said the vaccine was coming soon. They also spent time throwing doubt on how effective it might be while — amazingly — those heavily Democrat donating drug companies mysteriously had that ‘impossible’ vaccine ready just days AFTER the election.

– The hyper-partisan debate commission spiked a presidential debate

There is no shortage of specific complaints to point to in claiming Republican voters were robbed in this election by people hellbent on seeing him lose, regardless of what the voters — and those massive crowds — had to say about it.

After all, who really wants to know what those ‘chumps’, those bitter clingers, that ‘basket of deplorables’ in ‘flyover country’ have to say about who steers the ship of state.

That’s a decision best made by those good and wise and noble people who know they are better than the rest of us because their friends who went to the same schools and go to the same parties assure them it’s true.

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