Remember Dems Ranting About Those ‘Russian Bounties’… Did They Mean CHINA?

Written by Wes Walker on December 31, 2020

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Everything the Democrats had to say about the Trump administration was a carefully-choreographed death-by-1000-cuts. That includes those endless allegations of Russian collusion.

Insiders knew the Russian collusion line wasn’t just a hoax, it was an orchestrated set-up.

It was not just an excuse to launch an investigation into TrumpWorld, but a handy defense against Clintonian screw-ups including the breach of the Hildebeest’s improper email servers by hostile foreign actors. Accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians, and if that information ever came to light, it could be written off as foreign attempts to rig the election.

Almost elegant in its malevolence, really.

Yet another iteration of the Russia, Russia, Russia bleating came not so long ago with unconfirmed allegations [leveled against Trump as evidence of being in Putin’s pocket during the election] that Russia had been setting bounties on the heads of American military personnel in Afghanistan. And because Trump wasn’t launching some kind of a missile strike in response to the unconfirmed allegations, he was ‘soft’ on Putin. Remember?

And just as suddenly as they began, those allegations dropped off, forgotten entirely by anyone not specifically interested in that particular smear.

The seed of doubt had been planted, the damage done, Biden moved on to the next dirty trick.

There’s a funny thing about that particular smear… it just came back to bite Biden’s ass.

If Biden goes on to take the Presidency, as many have already assumed will happen, THIS tidbit of information that Trump has declassified will paint Biden into a corner.

He’s already got allegations of being China’s little b***ch swirling around his head. And now he’s got exactly the same problem he accused Trump of staring him in the face.

The possibility that China has been putting bounties on American heads.

That would make for an awfully awkward ‘reset button’ ceremony, don’t you think?

The Trump administration is declassifying unconfirmed intelligence that indicates China paid nonstate actors in Afghanistan to attack U.S. soldiers, Axios reported Wednesday.

Two senior administration officials told Axios that the intelligence was included with President Trump’s briefing on Dec. 17. Administration officials from multiple agencies are attempting to corroborate the information. If the information is indeed true, it could drastically change China’s relationship with the U.S. and heighten tensions between the two superpowers.

The officials who spoke to Axios did not say where the information came from or what period of time it covered.

Axios noted that China has mostly remained out of Afghanistan while speaking to Taliban officials about peace deals. However, Chinese-made weapons and funding have intermittently made their way to Afghanistan, the news outlet reported. –MSN

If Trump pulls the proverbial rabbit out of the hat, no loss. We were working with our international allies to hem in China and repatriate our supply lines anyway.

But if Biden goes to the White House? Playing patty-cake with China’s CCP just got a lot more difficult.