TECH TYRANNY: USA Today’s ‘Fact Checkers’ Are College Kids Censoring Stuff They Don’t Like — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on December 7, 2020

From the moment Trump bested the Left’s highly-touted social media game in election 2016, the Left has made it their goal to systematically erode destroy any ability the right had to repeat the spanking they gave in 2016. Cancel culture played a big role in that plan.

If you were wondering what happened to push social media so far to the left in such a short time, you need look no further than Clinton loyalist David Brock and his weaponized group at Media Matters.

They literally wrote the book on how to squeeze the Right out of social media. It was more of a white paper, really: MEDIA MATTERS WAR PLAN 2017

Can you think of anything more cynical than media companies with a special First Amendment protection actively looking to silence voices that don’t walk lockstep with their political agenda?

Because that’s exactly what we’re now seeing with USA Today.

USA Today uses left-wing college interns to censor news media and opinion articles they disagree with, working hand in glove with unaccountable social media giants to suppress it. Newspapers earn a lot of money performing this task for Facebook and its related companies, and are proud of the job they do to police public speech, even bragging about it publicly on social media platforms.

If you begin to feel an intense and crushing feeling of dread at this reality, don’t be alarmed. That indicates only that you are still sane.

Ella Lee is a college senior who transferred to DePaul University in Chicago. There, she edits a school paper with a proclivity for left-wing activism and casual accusations of racism against fellow students. Her Facebook “likes” include Sens. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, as well as a political activism group that claims Donald Trump is a Nazi and an illegitimate president who must be physically resisted. In her spare time, Lee enjoys photography and employing partisan talking points to shut down legitimate debate on contested matters of serious public importance.

…Earlier in her college years, Lee wrote an opinion column to push for leftist causes she stood for as well as ideas she stood against, but now she doesn’t need to do that because USA Today has handed her a censor’s stamp.

It’s not Lee’s first foray into suppressing public debate. In August, just two months into her internship, she declared “Hydroxychloroquine doesn’t work against COVID-19 — not here, not abroad, not anywhere,” despite a heated and unresolved scientific debate that continues amongst actual experts to this day.

She joins a long and storied history of left-wing hack jobs by USA Today. A month after Lee began her internship, another “fact-checker” in her department declared the Trump campaign used a Nazi eagle in a T-shirt design. Later that day, they issued a “clarification” that “the eagle is a longtime US symbol, too.” Three days later, following a delightful level of public mockery, they “updated” the “fact-check” to “inconclusive” “to reflect further reporting and analysis.”

A favorite tool for the fact-checkers to cover for their leftist friends is the “missing context” ruling. A completely true article about Democratic politicians ignoring their own stay-at-home advisories, for example, was apparently insufficiently harsh on Republicans to satisfy Abby Patkin, who was previously the editor in chief of Brandeis University’s social-justice obsessed paper, aptly named The Justice. –Federalist

Well isn’t that special?

How do you suppose the Framers would have viewed this unholy alliance between the ‘news’ and woke-ism’s cancel culture?

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