Trump Beats Out Obama In Gallup’s Most Admired Man Of 2020

Written by Wes Walker on December 29, 2020

The President who got a ‘peace prize’ pretty much for being elected has been edged out by the one who actually brought peace to the Middle East.

Last year, Obama and Trump were in a dead heat for this title. This year, it’s Trump’s alone.

Is it true that this is a meaningless award? On one level, sure it is. It’s just as meaningless as Time’s Person of the Year has become a meaningless award given out from liberals to other liberals, just like being featured on a glossy magazine cover.

On another level, it’s a distinction that the appearances-infatuated Left glory in as a batch of honor.

When someone on the right edges out their competition on the left from their rightful place in winning that award, not only does it strip them of their bragging rights, it comes as a blow to their ego.

So now that Trump bested Obama in the most admired person of 2020, we’re going to enjoy it a little.

Not in the way the left normally does, by saying our guy is more popular than their guy because these polls are pretty stupid to begin with.

No, we’re going to use this to remind Obama and his superfans how Trump had succeeded where Obama had failed.

Obama left the Middle East a burning wreck with ISIS running rampant, and Iran funding and fomenting civil wars throughout the region.

Trump has been the first President to NOT launch a new war since Ronald Reagan… and has been drawing down troops internationally, while making our military stronger. He has wiped out ISIS, contained Iran, and has overseen some 5 peace deals between Israel and its neighbors.

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