Trump Gives Address That He Called His Most Important Speech Ever

Written by Wes Walker on December 3, 2020

Trump has had some memorable speeches. A few of them have been touted as ‘historic’. This one, from the President’s perspective, is more important than any of them.

The reason he gives this as his most important speech relates directly to his obligation and oath to defend the Constitution.

How you view the President’s handling of this election will depend on where you go for your information.

If you go to places like CNN, or Social Media, you will be getting second-hand, pre-chewed news about the President, his assertions, and how rational he is (or is not) in making those assertions.

CNN and their fellow-travelers are quick to fire off words like ‘unhinged’ to make their case, and social media tech tyrants are quick to censor almost anything the President has to say as ‘disputed’ however accurate it might be – while saying nothing about Team Biden’s unfounded assertions that he is the President-Elect. He may eventually become that, but that remains to be seen.

But is President himself so emotionally amped-up, irrational, or desperate as his detractors want us to think he is?

Watching him in this speech, he sure doesn’t seem the least bit ‘untethered’. In fact, he’s making a strong and defensible case outlining specific issues (with corroborating evidence) that need to be explained before any decision on the winner is arrived at.

He explains why it is so critical to the system, both this year and in all future years that all legal votes need to be counted, and all illegal votes must be excluded.

He points out the Constitutional conflict between the laws as written by State legislators, and the changes to how those laws were implemented made by persons with no legal authority to make those changes. He reminds Americans of the ‘equal protection’ requirement of our voting system, (see: Bush v Gore) and points to instances where members of one state were treated quite differently by election officials.

He points to evidence of instances of double-voting, or of citizens who had been turned away on election day having learned that someone else had already voted in their name, the deliberate exclusion of poll-watchers, questions about signatures, and a variety of other irregularities that need explaining — holding up statistical evidence showing in a graph how the early-morning ‘massive dumps’ that flipped some elections were so tremendously out of line with the rest of the night.

He explains the difference between losing an election where the will of the people has been accurately counted and reflected, (which he would accept) and one in which bad actors have exploited weaknesses in the system to install a candidate THEY chose, rather than waiting for the American people to make their choice.

Some of the changes that threw everything into chaos were being cooked up by the Democrats LONG before COVID came to town — just look at the first resolution Pelosi pushed through once getting her mitts back on the gavel.

Is it right and just for our system to NOT do the hard thing if it can be proven that some of Biden’s supposed wins were only achieved through dishonest means?

Of course not.

It’s hard to say for sure whether this is his best speech ever — he’s had a few doozies.

But so far as addressing a much-needed question about making sure that Americans have authentic power over who governs them, rather than the mere illusion of such power, there are few questions more critical to today’s politics than this one, because all other political questions hinge upon this one.

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