Woke Armed Forces: MAGA Slogan Called ‘Covert White Supremacy’ … It Gets Worse

Written by Wes Walker on December 22, 2020

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What happened to the military being one of the few true meritocracies left in America… where lives depended on having the best guy for the job.

Are we seeing consequences of those Obama purges among the brass that we heard about working their way through the system and leaving the military PC and pussified?

Now that China’s closing the economic and tech gap with our military, and pressing hard to become a genuine superpower, we really can’t afford to be playing around with petty PC politics in our political ranks.

But that’s exactly what we’re seeing.

Tucker recently ran a story in his show that will make a patriot’s blood run cold, saying exactly what our military’s training priorities have been in this past year.

Worse still was the problem that keeps military brass up at night.

Here’s a transcript of the video.

This summer the US Army’s so-called operation inclusion instructed soldiers that the phrase Make America Great Again was a form of ‘socially acceptable covert white supremacy’. A Presidential campaign slogan was ‘white supremacy’ according to the army. Again, nobody did anything about that.

Now, according to the Army’s ‘equity and inclusion agency’ (and yes, they have one), the prases ‘all lives matter’, American exceptionalism, and the celebration of Columbus Day are all racist. This is from the army, the people who should be protecting you. The head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Lt. General Robert Ashley recently encouraged his employees to read the lunatic tract ‘White Fragility’ by Robin DiAngelo — a book that is inherently bigoted, and also stupid.

Again, this is the military, supposed to be protecting you. Instead, they’re reading white fragility. Over the summer, Kaleth O. Wright, the chief master sergeant of the air force at the time proclaimed on Twitter that his greatest fear was that one of his airmen might be killed by a racist cop. Not killed by the Chinese military, but by American racism. And so on.

Where does this end? Can you protect a nation with a military like this?

There was a time when the US military was trained to be the biggest, baddest, meanest military force any enemy would ever have the misfortune of meeting on the field of battle.

Men of courage and honor. Men who long to rejoin their unit even after leaving some part of themselves behind on the battle field.

But now they’re being indoctrinated into the very same identity politics and cultural marxism that was expressly forbidden by an Executive Order?

Yikes. How about they ditch that ‘White Fragility’ book and take up this, instead.

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