WATCH: Ballot ‘Audit’ Shows Why We Need Reforms & 2020 Post-Mortem BEFORE 2022

Written by Wes Walker on January 18, 2021

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The die is cast and Biden is bound for the White House, but THESE are the lingering questions that remain unanswered that will NEED to be addressed for anyone to have confidence in the system.

Scrutiny is good for everyone in a system except those who benefit from it being corrupted.

That should be a self-evidently true statement.

We see the massive problems that once infamously riddled Florida’s electoral system, and the significant changes we have seen since then. Transparency and accountability are critical components of how they re-established public trust in their system.

But the handful of key battleground states that stood apart as the focus of the scrutiny in 2020 have a long way to go to demonstrate such transparency and accountability. Many of the questions in play were dismissed out of hand before they could even be given their day in court sometimes for entirely contradictory explanations of being too early or too late, or questions of standing that some dissenting judges themselves questioned.

Videos like this one keep popping up and causing us to wonder exactly how much electoral interference there may have been in play, with a whole constellation of death-by-a-thousand-papercuts steps taken from various angles.

What do you suppose the auditors meant by this rather large stack of names with the ‘same signature’ on them? And were they just tallied in with the others, as one more data point refuting any wrongdoing? Or were these challenged ballots actually reviewed and removed like the auditors suggested they should be?

It could be reasonably argued that this election was won, not at the ballot box in November, but, with the 300 or so lawsuits team Biden waged tweaking election rules during the months leading up to it.

Those who contest that State legislators, and ONLY State legislators, have the power to make such changes are crying ‘foul’, and want a fair playing field when 2022 comes around.

We will need a comprehensive audit of what happened in 2020 — not just in a handful of states, but across the board.

Let’s make use of the optical scanning tech that can differentiate between authentic vs. bogus ballots, and says it can spot a machine-generated ballot completion.

Let’s review the methods and training of poll-watchers and volunteers, and see whether scenes like the one we just saw from Antrim county are as sketchy as they appear to be.

We need those in power to show they have a greater commitment to bringing the kinds of reforms that restored Florida’s trust in their elections than they do in prioritizing their own power by keeping fast-and-loose voter rules that would make it easy for them to bank illicit votes.

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