Joe Biden Is Giving Up America’s Energy Independence… And A Whole LOT MORE

Written by Wes Walker on January 19, 2021

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When given a chance to choose between a prudent choice and an ideological one, a leftist can be counted upon to make the ideological one… even when some good arguments weigh against it.

In this case, it’s Biden’s kneejerk instinct to kill off the Keystone Pipeline project, which he is expected to do on Day One.

One of the less-touted accomplishments we saw under the Trump administration was America achieving energy independence now, and steps taken to ensure it continues into the future.

The short-term achievement was by way of strengthening our energy economy, including permitting the use of fracking on Federally-owned land.

Long-term steps included next-generation nuclear power as well as investments into fusion.

The new amendment directed the Department of Energy to carry out a fusion energy sciences research and development program; authorized DoE programs in inertial fusion energy and alternative concepts to find new ways forward for fusion power; reauthorized the INFUSE program to create public-private partnerships between national labs and fusion developers; and created a milestone-based development program to support companies not just through R&D, but into the construction of full-scale systems.

It’s this milestone program that was a cornerstone of the policy work that the Fusion Industry Association wanted to see in the US, according to a December statement from the organization. –MSN

But — in case the Left hadn’t noticed — for the time being, the world still runs on oil and gas. And Biden is hellbent on putting policies in motion that will put America solidly in the category of energy-dependent.

He’s planning to oppose the energy sector, including putting much of the American oil and gas sector out of work, and blocking Canadian oil from being refined in America… as though that somehow ‘saves the planet’.

The war to gain our energy independence was fought with blood, treasure and American ingenuity, but that doesn’t mean we get to keep it.

Earlier this week, the Energy Information Agency (EIA) reported that the U.S. will now return to importing more crude oil and petroleum products than it will export for 2021 and 2022. That is big news considering the agency reported just a week ago that the U.S. didn’t import any Saudi Arabia crude last week for the first time in 35 years.

American energy independence was thought to be an impossible dream but with the emergence of the shale oil and gas revolution, it became a reality.

In fact, because of the demand hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and the promise of more regulations from the Biden administration, the country seems willing to relinquish our energy dominance. U.S. shale oil and gas producers are in retreat and OPEC’s sway on the price of oil has pushed prices for West Texas Intermediate crude to the $53-per-barrel level. —FoxBusiness

All that ‘accomplishes’ is put money in the pockets of parts of the world that WE will be buying OUR oil from — and (by extension) empowering economies like Russia, Venezuela, and Iran while we’re at it.

That’s right… Biden’s energy policy will make Putin weep tears of joy as the Russian energy sector breathes new life again. Who’s ‘Putin’s puppy’ now, Joe?

Ready for a sick twist of irony? Biden is about to cancel the world’s very first zero-emission energy pipeline.

Keystone XL commits to become first pipeline to be fully powered by renewable energy

How ‘progressive’ of him!

But wait, there’s more!

After four years without any new military conflict, there is one more wrinkle to Joe Biden’s energy policy.

The fact that America will no longer be energy-independent make it a lot harder to stay neutral and uninvolved in regional conflicts between oil-rich nations. Because — by Joe’s choice — he will have made America dependent on the actions and activities of foreign powers.

And for what, Joe?

To ‘save’ the planet? The world will not switch to another energy source until it becomes viable. And the way you’re planning to rack up debt, it’s only going to get harder to bankroll the kind of changes we’ll need to jump to the next economic model — and here’s a news flash, Joe — solar and wind do NOT have the juice to carry that kind of a workload.

That workload will fall to those very technologies that Trump has already been moving America toward — without any ridiculous token participation in a Paris ‘accord’ that is, in fact, a treaty in whose participation you never intended bothering to ask the Senate to sign.

In trying to show how ‘tough’ you are, Joe, you’ve only managed to demonstrate real weakness… to our enemies no less.

The only person selling his own nation’s energy economy down the river, and propping up shady autocrats around the world MORE than Joe is Justin Trudeau… but give Joe time, there’s still a chance he could catch up.

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