BOOM: Before Leaving, Trump Administration Drops The ‘G-Word’ On China

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2021

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Even their Hollywood buddies won’t be able to help China spin their way out of THIS stain on their record.

After a long time of raising objections about China’s totalitarian treatment of a racial and religious minority, and a long, hard year that looks like it can be traced back to a CCP virus lab with questionable history about biological warfare and gain-of-function studies the outgoing Trump administration threw a final roadblock in front of the Communist Chinese Party — one that world leaders generally, and corporations, specifically will have a hard time ignoring.


“After careful examination of the available facts, I have determined that the​ People’s Republic of China​, under the direction and control of the​Chinese Communist Party, has committed genocide against the predominantly Muslim Uyghurs and other ethnic and religious minority groups in Xinjiang. I believe this genocide is ongoing, and that we are witnessing the systematic attempt to destroy Uyghurs by the Chinese party-state,” the State Department said in a release.

The statement went on to list how the Chinese Communist Party has detained millions of Uighurs in internment camps in the western part of the country, curtailing their rights, torturing them and putting them in forced labor.

Pompeo said the Trump White House has been cracking down on China since the first days of the administration by imposing tariffs against Chinese products and ​countering Beijing’s aggressive actions in the South China Sea and in Hong Kong, where it imposed a strict national security law that severely restricts democratic freedoms. —NYPost

Pompeo put some meat on the bones of the allegations…

​”This is forced labor This is forced sterilizations​,​ forced abortions​, the kinds of things that we haven’t seen in an awfully long time in this world and we now have conducted an exhaustive review of the facts and made the determination that, in fact, the Chinese Communist Party has committed these crimes against humanity is continuing to try and deny these people, not just the Uighur Muslims, but other faiths as well​,” Pompeo said.

…“This challenge, the threat from the Chinese Communist Party, is real. It is existential to the United States, we have to get this right. And I am counting on the next administration continuing our work, continuing to build out on the things that we have done,” he said.

The State Department called on China to take immediate actions to release “all arbitrarily detained persons.”

It also demanded that China abolish the detention camps and end the use of forced labor, as well as the “forced sterilization, forced abortion, forced birth control, and the removal of children from their families; end all torture and abuse in places of detention; end the persecution of Uyghurs and other members of religious and ethnic minority groups in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China, and afford Uyghurs and other persecuted minorities the freedom to travel and emigrate.”

“We will not remain silent. If the Chinese Communist Party is allowed to commit genocide and crimes against humanity against its own people, imagine what it will be emboldened to do to the free world, in the not-so-distant future​,” the State Department said.​ —NYPost

China, pushed back, of course. The lame kneejerk denunciations could just as easily have come from North Korea or Khomeini.

The allegations of abuses against Muslim minority groups in China’s Xinjiang region are “outright sensational pseudo-propositions and a malicious farce concocted by individual anti-China and anti-Communist forces represented by Pompeo,” spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters at a daily briefing.

“In our view, Pompeo’s so-called designation is a piece of wastepaper. This American politician, who is notorious for lying and deceiving, is turning himself into a doomsday clown and joke of the century with his last madness and lies of the century,” Hua said. –AP

Actually, looking at their answer, you could easily add CNN, MSNBC, WaPo, or the NYTimes to that list.

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