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Here’s The ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Narrative Behind Continued DC Security Lockdown

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Where are all those finger-wagging Never-Trump generals saying that lawful use of the insurrection act would be authoritarian when they could REALLY speak out?

While we were all going about our lives in a half-locked down country, Democrats were busy militarizing the Capitol. After four long years of calling almost everyone who didn’t vote for Hillary a ‘nazi’, the left and the permanent bureaucracy are saying that domestic terrorism is a grim threat to the American way of life — in particular, those ‘white devils.’

The deafening silence we heard from our authorities while billions of dollars of businesses burned, and dozens of people died, when the White House itself was under threat from an angry mob, when hundreds or thousands of police officers were injured, many were maimed and some even killed was telling.

In the eyes of those authorities, those are not considered ‘threats’ nor are they considered ‘domestic terrorism’. That outcry comes from the left (more or less) and amplifies the narrative of America is inherently evil, suffers from systemic racism, and the remedy is (always) more and bigger government.

Now the NYTimes is amplifying the ‘white domestic terrorist’ narrative by pairing it with the very same disproven and defamatory lie upon which Joe Biden first began his run for the White House.

Unlike NYT, we can actually back up an assertion like that one:

Creepy Joe Biden Joins The Race With A Video Pushing the Charlottesville Lie

Watch: Biden Says Trump Has ‘Never Once Denounced White Supremacists’ — He’s WRONG

Disclaimer that shouldn’t need saying, but we’ll include it anyway because critics on the left aren’t above character assassination: In cases where real bigots are promoting violence in the name of race? Throw the book at them… regardless of their ethnic background. Nobody should get a pass for it.

That being said, are we being told the whole story? Keep in mind, activist groups like the SLPC have been actively destroying their political enemies with the very effective slander of ‘bigot’ for a long time, intentionally grouping innocuous and mainstream groups in with the worst offenders… but strangely giving anyone friendly to the Progressive or Marxist agenda a pass.

Joe and his media accomplices have been spreading disinformation about Republicans and racism. To use Joe’s on favorite Nazi-era buzzword, it’s a Big Lie, told over and over. Is it any surprise that the Paper of Record that suppressed reports of the Holocaust would aid and abet Joe’s disinformation campaign? Or could that be why the media’s approval rating trend is headed to levels that would rival Congress?

Let’s take a look at their reporting, shall we?

Warning that the deadly rampage of the Capitol this month may not be an isolated episode, the Department of Homeland Security on Wednesday said publicly for the first time that the United States faced a growing threat from “violent domestic extremists” emboldened by the attack. –NYT

Normally, to activate a response as heavy-handed as arming the Capitol would at least have some specific intel they are acting upon. Surely that is the case here, right?

The Department of Homeland Security does not have information indicating a “specific, credible plot,” according to a statement from the agency. The alert issued was categorized as one warning of developing trends in terrorism, rather than a notice of an imminent attack. –NYT

Oh. Ok, then. Normally, you’d expect the same law enforcement you spent the last year demonizing and defunding to handle generalized, nonspecified potential lawbreaking… like all those generals insisted that Trump should, last summer when he was looking to defend cities from well-funded and organized rioters whose bail funds were promoted by someone who now works in the White House.

That same article went on to connect some dots that (conveniently) fit neatly within the 1619 narrative they’ve been driving roughly since the incident in Charlottesville.

But an intelligence official involved in drafting Wednesday’s bulletin said the decision to issue the report was driven by the department’s conclusion that Mr. Biden’s peaceful inauguration last week could create a false sense of security because “the intent to engage in violence has not gone away” among extremists angered by the outcome of the presidential election. –NYT

Translation — they want the public to feel like there’s an ongoing threat to be concerned about.

Then came a series of allegations that government experts had long since warned about this white supremacy threat (the one that perfectly aligned with the propaganda angle NYTimes editorial board agreed would be their sustained line of attack against Trump as soon as their ‘Russian Collusion’ line of attack fell apart). We note that government officials ALSO warned us that the perfectly authentic Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian psyop designed to sway the election when – in fact – dismissing the laptop as bogus was a Washington government insider psyop, designed to sway an election the OTHER way.

They laid out some more of their usual Orange Man Bad case, even including framing the firing of Christopher Krebs — the cybersecurity guy asleep at the switch for the Solar Winds fiasco, who said this was the ‘most secure’ election even though a white-hat hacker witness stood before legislators in Georgia and said he had successfully penetrated Georgia’s electoral system in real-time and would be able to send or receive information as he wished.

Here’s the real interesting takeaway from that story. After instilling readers with a sense of looming danger from ‘white devils’ with guns threatening the American way of life, and the republic itself, they pivot the story ever so subtly. See if you can spot what they are doing.

The report listed a broad range of grievances across the political spectrum, including “anger over Covid-19 restrictions, the 2020 election results, and police use of force.” And left-wing groups have not been silent: After the inauguration of Mr. Biden, some demonstrators in Portland, Ore., shattered windows and targeted a federal building with graffiti.

But the bulletin’s specific references to the Jan. 6 attack and a mass shooting in El Paso that targeted Hispanics made clear that the most lethal current threat is from the racist extremist groups.

Until now, the closest federal law enforcement had come to that conclusion since the attack at the Capitol was in a joint bulletin issued this month by law enforcement agencies, warning that extremists aiming to start a race war “may exploit the aftermath of the Capitol breach by conducting attacks to destabilize and force a climactic conflict in the United States,” according to a copy of the bulletin obtained by The New York Times. –NYT

Extremists aiming to start a race war? In that case, shouldn’t we do the very thing that Trump ACTUALLY did after Charlottesville and denounce violent activists whether they happen to align with right-leaning identity groups or the left-leaning identity groups like the ones that shot massacred those cops in Dallas?

Why would NYTimes mention the racially-motivated murder in El Paso, but neglect the Antifa-affiliated murders that same weekend in Dayton?

After seeing a coordinated effort to railroad people like General Flynn, we have real questions about political objectivity here. When we tally up ‘domestic terrorism’ stats, do the Bernie Bro would-be assassin who shot up a Republican baseball practice while shouting ‘health care’ and the Dayton killer wind up in the ‘white supremacist’ tally, or are they counted as left-wing radicals? Such details matter.

He’s got white skin, so they tried to lump him in as generically a ‘white supremacist’ to double down on the narrative.

Guess again, lefties. This guy was backing Warren. He’s a self-described Satanist. A Socialist. He saw the would-be ICE bomber as a ‘Martyr’ Antifa’s cause. And he has the typical leftist contempt for police. —Dayton Killer Was A Socialist Who Worshipped The Devil – Someone Tell CNN

Those of us old enough to remember the environment after 9/11, when we had threat levels of Orange or Red or Yellow or whatever — what followed in the wake of that?

Real fear was magnified and leveraged as an excuse to strengthen government powers at the expense of personal liberties. Powers that were used in the Russiagate scandal for which none of the major players have even YET been held accountable.

Unlike the anger socialists feel toward someone who invents a new product and gets rich from it, we really ARE looking at one of those instances of a zero-sum game.

Government can have power over the citizen, OR the Citizen can have power over a representative government.

One comes at the cost of the other.

Do not take your eye off the ball, folks.

After four years of talk about ‘police states’, we are wandering into some dangerous new territory, and our emotions will continue to be manipulated as the rationale for why it must be so. It’s up to (erstwhile) free citizens to keep asking the questions that ‘journalists’ can’t be bothered to ask.

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