VIDEO: Is THIS The Smoking-Gun Evidence Of What Incited The Riot And Led To Her Death?

Written by Wes Walker on January 13, 2021

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One leftist on hand at the DC riot was arrested in a previous protest with a bodycount. The video he uploaded seems to show what REALLY triggered the violence… and it’s not what we’ve been told.

If we are to believe the official news reports about the ‘storming’ of the Capitol, we would conclude that a crowd watching the President’s speech was whipped up into a seething mass of undirected anger. After forcing their way into the Capitol, they proceeded to rampage across anyone and anything in their path.

But is that what the evidence on hand shows?

There are a few different threads in play in this series of 4 videos. First is the overcaffeinated guy in the Pirelli shirt and the Fargo hat who shows up one scene. You will notice he was not part of the original group. This is an important distinction.

Second, you will note the orderly procession of the demonstrators. Notice the guy with the bullhorn even insists that the group remain calm and non-violent.

Overcaffenated Guy, on the other hand, is yelling and bouncing around — exactly the opposite of calling for calm.

In this second video we see Overcaffeinated Guy again. This time, he’s right up front by the doors.

The video guy is telling the police to fear for their safety by claiming this group has hurt others. He convinces them to stand down. With the cops out of the way, the same overcaffeinated guy starts bashing in the glass on the doors.

The glass gives way, and Ashli Babbitt makes the fatal error of climbing into the door’s broken window. Notably, it was Overcaffeinated Guy who broke through the window in the first place.

With Ashli on the floor and bleeding, Overcaffeinated Guy steps into the role of a concerned citizen, appealing to the police who have climbed the stairs.

The guy who filmed this is a piece of work, too.

We’ve covered his arrest, as part of this story.

Epoch Times has done a solid job of exposing his associations and dedication to violent escalation in their story on him here.

They are in such a rush to pin this on Trump and his supporters that the actual facts and timelines are getting lost in the noise.

This is exactly how they want it.

Do you think Democrats, journalists, and Big Tech really care about how it started, and who really instigated it? Or do you think they care not letting this crisis go to waste?

It’s not just this, either.

There are some serious holes in the timeline, too.

Did Trump Incite Violence? Raheem Kassam Says, The Timeline Doesn’t Work

That’s not the only thing that’s weird about this…

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