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EXPLOSIVE FIRST DAY: That ‘Jayvee’ Terror Org Launches Big Attack In Iraq On Joe’s First Day

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Is this just a coincidence, are they sending a message, or are they outright taunting Joe?

Trump, for whatever people may think of him, made it a top priority to ‘bomb the hell out of ISIS’. They were effectively wiped off the map.

Scratch that. They were LITERALLY wiped off the map. That is to say, there was a defacto country controlled by ISIS when Trump took office (one that only sprang into existence during that steady hand of Obama/Biden leadership), and before long, he had kept the promise and had literally blown the so-called ‘Caliphate’ right off the map.

Joe Biden was the one guy in the room who opposed the killing of Osama Bin Laden on the day he was dispatched to hell, and he told us that doing the same with Solemani was more interested in casting doubts on Trump’s decision than he was even in showing approval for the death of the guy PERSONALLY and DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths and maimings of so many American soldiers, particularly those ripped apart by his own gift to the Islamic militant urgency — vehicle-destroying IEDs.

He’s shown himself to be weak on terror. And who’s his pick for head of state? This guy:

‘Antony Blinken, President-elect Joseph R. Biden’s pick to lead the Department of State, said Tuesday said that the January 2020 killing of Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani left the U.S. “less safe.” —WashingtonTimes

It COULD just be a coincidence that ISIS decided to pick Joe Biden’s first full day in office to blow up not one, but two suicide bombers in Iraq… racking up more than 30 casualties and 100 wounded in a pair of explosions that ripped through Bagdad.

ISIS has now formally taken responsibility for the attack.

At least 32 people have been killed and 110 wounded in a rare twin suicide bombing that tore through a busy area of central Baghdad on Thursday morning, Iraqi officials said.

Ministry of Defence Spokesperson Yahya Rasool told Al Jazeera one of the two perpetrators lured a crowd of people towards him in a market in the central Tayaran Square by feigning illness, only to detonate his explosives.

The second bomber struck as people helped victims of the first attack, Rasool said.

The attack is the first twin bombing in Baghdad since January 2018, when 35 people were killed and 90 injured in the same square that was targeted on Thursday.

Videos from Thursday’s attack show scenes of chaos, with people running for cover and bodies strewn across pavements and the road. –AlJazeera

But was it a coincidence, really?

These guys have a long track record of showing just as much attention to the propaganda value of an attack as to the attack itself.

Are they sending a message? If so, what message? And why did they wait until the first day of Biden’s Presidency to do it?

Could it be that Obama’s old ‘Jayvee team’ hasn’t forgotten the tepid response of the LAST Democrat administration? Do they think they’re going to get a free pass?

Does Biden even know HOW to give a strong answer that’s more than just boilerplate DC bluster? Because the last 8 years Joe spent in the White House should underscore just HOW ineffective that particular approach IS with these people.

Is he going to take them out?

Rattle a saber uselessly?

Or what?

Joe has pretended to be a tough guy long enough.

Now that the decisions actually MEAN something it’s time to see whether he’s capable of making any tough decisions.

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