WATCH: Media Loses Their D@MN Minds When Louie Gohmert Quotes Pelosi … Verbatim

Written by Wes Walker on January 14, 2021

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Is the media really so dumb that they don’t realize their reaction to his floor speech is actually ratting out their own role in ratcheting up the political tension?

The baseline has always been, the Democrats can do no wrong, and the Republicans can do no right.

When a Democrat says it, we need to look at ‘nuance’ and ‘context’. When a Republican says it, they get to play amateur psychologist and read all kinds of tea leaves while announcing the ‘real’ and ‘hidden’ motivation for doing… whatever they’re doing. It’s how they come up with excreable terms like ‘dog whistles’.

But what happens when they both say precisely the same thing? Is there a test for that?

Actually, there is.

We can watch what the partisan press does when a Republican cites, word-for-word, what their own avatar of political power-grabbing said not that long ago.

Statements once made by Nancy Pelosi raised nary an eyebrow in the media. Now see what happens when a Republican throws those very words back in Nancy’s face on the House Floor during yet another Democrat call for Trump’s impeachment.

Here are a few of the blue-checkmark reactions on Twitter the Federalist was able to find before they were all deleted. (At least one of the posts they referenced has since been deleted.)

For bonus points, here’s one from the ‘deep state is a myth’ file…

Here’s the ‘nuance and context’ the Media (D-emocrat) worked so hard to ignore in this instance.

For one thing, he wrote this tweet DAYS before the protest-turned-riot.

For another, he explicitly said he was citing Pelosi, and showing the difference between how we all understood her speech to be overheated rhetoric, while failed to extend the same benefit of the doubt to Republican motives.

Some of the rioting over their ‘children in cages’ narrative that was kicked off by a tweet from an Obama official, featuring an Obama-Era photo resulted in fatal clashes with police, (e.g. the ICE detention center in Tacoma) and firearms blindly discharged into Federal buildings.

Nancy Pelosi wondered about whether the manufactured outrage surrounding political events in 2018 would lead to uprisings all around the country. She also explicitly named the White House address and Congress as ‘enemies’ of the Constitution.

But Nancy pretends to be worried about Trump’s ‘incendiary’ rhetoric?

Ironically, the media outrage to his citation of Nancy inadvertently made precisely the point Gohmert was trying to get across.

Nancy Pelosi isn’t the powerful female leader she thinks she is… especially when we compare her to the real deal:

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