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GOYA’s Billionaire CEO Warns: ‘We’ve Got An Iceberg Of Communism Ahead Of Us’

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Before his family made their fortune in the food industry, they fled to America from Spain. Now, he has a word of warning for anyone who thinks this hard left turn in America is in any way a ‘good’ thing.

Will leftists be calling on this strong leader who checks all the right ethnic boxes to share ‘his personal truth’ and experiences? Of course not. Because only the stories that can further the political narrative are helpful to the cause.

People like AOC don’t care that this man is the living embodiment of the actual American Dream, because he dares to oppose her dystopian nightmare of socialism for all.

Robert Unanue will be a familiar name to many of our readers. Not only was he a highly successful businessman, who become ‘infamous’ after being invited to the White House because he was a ethnic minority who ‘dared’ to (*gasp!*) speak well of a Republican president in public during an election cycle, but we also remember his good sense of humor for mocking AOC by calling her ’employee of the month’ after AOC’s cancel culture attempt badly backfired.

In this clip, he is a guest on Charles Payne’s program, and handled some caller’s questions, and had a couple of interesting things to say about the direction America is heading under the incoming administration.

His family came to America, literally because of the American Dream. With some hard work, it eventually paid off, and his grandfather’s operation became a big corporation.

When asked if Democracy could ever survive, Mr. Unanue made the simple but easily overlooked point that different States play by different rules, and some states will defend the rights of citizens and businesses more vigorously than others.

The individual states themselves will serve, to some extent, as a firewall against the overreach of the Federal government.

The six-minute mark has a glorious clip of the speech that launched Reagan into political life, which is well worth listening to, in which he makes the point that government doesn’t control THINGS… they control PEOPLE.

When asked who the Ronald Reagan defender of free-market democracy principles of today will be, he answers ‘Trump’. Yes, even after the political maelstrom of the last few weeks, he still says Trump, because of how he has been helping the working class.

(His whole answer begins at 6:35, most of our readers would enjoy it.)

They briefly talk about the tech censorship, and then Goya’s role (and benevolence) during the pandemic, and then, after affirming his support for Trump is still solid, he gets another question from Payne about whether he really thinks America is headed down a wrong path.

8:48 — We’ve made a hard turn to the left. We’ve got the iceberg of communism ahead of us. Communism, on paper works out great except there’s always a few who want control.

He continues from there, building on a point that we’re not exactly sure AOC’s own political philosophy is sophisticated to entirely grasp.

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