Joe Biden’s Choice For Attorney General Will Be Familiar…

Written by Wes Walker on January 7, 2021

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What are the odds that a guy with a grudge as big as the one Biden’s Attorney General nominee has will NOT engage in a seek-and-destroy campaign against the Republicans who cost him his place in history?

Biden has been checking off his cabinet choices one by one (either that, or his advisors have made those decisions for him) and we now know who would be playing the role of Eric ‘Obama’s Wingman’ Holder in a Biden White House.

Remember the name Merrick Garland?

He’s baaack!

Joe Biden is likely to nominate him to be his wingman — I mean, his AG.

In an era where the DOJ has shown itself to be so partisan and politically toxic, the whole establishment is at a low point of public trust. What kind of an AG would he make?

Will he work to rebuild the public trust in an organization gone rogue? Or will he just add more fuel to the fire of those who would hope to see the federal government removed from as many aspects of public policing as possible?

What tasks await the next candidate for the job? Two tasks that will test the partisanship of any Democrat appointee right from the start.

That job is complicated by the fact that, if confirmed, Garland will face pressure from liberals to prosecute Trump after Biden takes office on Jan. 20. Biden has said he will leave such decisions to the Department of Justice and that he intends to support the independence of his attorney general.

Another test would be how he would handle an investigation into Hunter Biden, the incoming president’s son. Hunter Biden revealed last month that a federal investigation is underway into his taxes.

Garland and his deputies would play a pivotal role in the Biden administration’s approach to police reform.

After last year’s protests against police brutality, Biden promised to expand the power of the Justice Department to investigate police departments accused of misconduct and force them to reform through consent decrees. –CNBC