Courts Just Gave Biden’s Aggressive Open Borders Policy Some BAD News

Written by Wes Walker on January 27, 2021

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With rule-by-fiat playing such a big role in the current administration, it’s only natural that those endless orders will see court challenges. Biden’s border policy is no exception.

Among the flurry of rule-by-pen activies old Joe has been busying himself with lately are some policies directly relating to deportations.

The promise was to put a ‘hold’ on lawful court-ordered deportations for 100 days. (And we all saw what happened with ‘those fifteen days to slow the spread, right?) It’s one of the promises Joe didn’t immediately break upon taking office.

Judge Drew Tipton from the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, a former President Donald Trump appointee, issued a temporary restraining order against the Department of Homeland Security, a move that will apply across the United States for 14 days.

“Texas has thus far satisfactorily demonstrated it is entitled to immediate and temporary relief from the January 20 Memorandum’s 100-day pause on removals,” wrote Tipton.

Paxton announced the lawsuit last week, accusing the Biden administration of violating the U.S. Constitution, federal immigration and administrative law and a contractual agreement between the DHS and Texas, with an order that he said “would seriously and irreparably harm Texas and its citizens.”

“In one of its first of dozens of steps that harm Texas and the nation as a whole, the Biden administration directed [Department of Homeland Security] to violate federal immigration law and breach an agreement to consult and cooperate with Texas on that law,” Paxton said in a statement.

Following the ruling, Paxton said Texas is the first to bring a lawsuit against the new administration, tweeting, “AND WE WON. Within 6 days of Biden’s inauguration, Texas has HALTED his illegal deportation freeze.” –AmericanMilitaryNews

But wait, there’s more!

Look where ELSE Joe’s priorities are set:

Over the weekend and in response to the 100-day pause, an internal email obtained by Fox News revealed an ICE official instructed officers in Texas to “release them all, immediately,” referring to the detainees, in addition to ordering all removals to stop, including land and air deportations.

“As of midnight [Thursday], stop all removals,” the email read. “This includes Mexican bus runs, charter flights and commercial removals (until further notice) … all cases are to be considered [no significant likelihood of removal in foreseeable future].”

In the email, the ICE official made sure to note that he was just “the messenger” of the orders, communicating that it was not his idea; rather, it was President Biden’s. –AmericanMilitaryNews

The idea was Biden’s.

Well, either his idea, or that of whichever of the various ‘Wormtongues’ he’s surrounded himself with may have whispered it into his ear.

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